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Why should one think about care at an early stage??


Jun 24, 2023
Why should one think about care at an early stage??

Need for care can arise suddenly. However, many of those affected have never thought about what they would do if such an event were to happen to them. Most older people just assume that they will somehow get by. It is of great importance to think about it in time.

Why should you think about it early on??

Marion bar from the competence center for aging at the university of heidelberg explains why it is so important to have a plan b. On the one hand, people are getting older and on the other, the risk of needing care increases from the age of 80 onwards. In addition, early decisions, such as the selection of a nursing home, can reduce one’s own fears, since one has certainty about where one will end up in case of an emergency.

Burden of ambiguity

Such decisions can also prevent ambiguity. For example, many elderly people care for their partners who suffer from dementia, although many are unable to cope with the burden. But to give the partne in the nursing home, that many do not dare, because the topic never came up before.

Caring for the elderly

First of all, everyone, regardless of age, should think about who should represent their interests when they are restricted in their self-determination. The selected person may then be placed on a care authorization form.

Need for care is a taboo subject

For many elderly people, the need for care is a taboo subject. Many justify their ignorance by saying that they would simply get an eastern european caregiver if the worst came to the worst. However, such employment relationships are mostly illegal. In addition, these nurses are not quite cheap, even if they are paid fairly.

A care concept makes sense

It is therefore better to invest in a good nursing home instead. Elderly people are therefore advised to think through their preferred care concept in good time and to calculate the possible costs.


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