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Twitter blocks controversial report on biden


Apr 24, 2023
Twitter blocks controversial report on biden

Twitter has taken action against a controversial media report about democratic presidential candidate joe biden, earning a frontal attack from U.S. President donald trump.

"They’re trying to protect biden," trump said at a campaign appearance in des moines in the u.S. State of iowa.

Twitter had stopped the dissemination of the web link to a "new york post" article that attempted to link biden to his son hunter’s crimes in ukraine. Among other things, as of wednesday afternoon, he could not be forwarded by tweet or direct message.

Twitter first referred to rules against the dissemination of information obtained through "hacking" and containing private data as justification. The report – which also showed images of alleged emails – did not provide enough clarity on the origin of the material released. Facebook restricted the dissemination of the article according to its own statements.

It is against the rules of the network to disseminate personal and private information such as e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, twitter later clarified. On the other hand, it is not a violation of the rules to comment on or discuss hacked material. Twitter chief jack dorsey expressed dissatisfaction with his company’s communication around the incident. It is "unacceptable" to block the spread of links via tweet or direct message without any context, he conceded.

The newspaper had reported wednesday that an e-mail found on a notebook in a repair shop pointed to a 2015 meeting between joe bidens and one of his son’s business partners. A spokesman for biden’s campaign team stressed in a statement to the website "politico": "we have checked joe biden’s official schedule from that time – and there was never a meeting, as claimed by the new york post"."

The newspaper said it obtained a copy of the notebook’s hard drive from the weekend from rudy giuliani, a close confidant of trump’s. The copy had been made by the owner of the repair shop, while the notebook itself had been seized by federal police last december.

Trump and biden face off in race for weibe house in election on 3. November on. Trump has repeatedly tried to attack his opponent over his son’s past actions in ukraine. Hunter biden served on the board of directors of gas company burisma between 2014 and 2019. Trump has repeatedly accused biden of using his office as vice president in barack obama’s administration (until 2017) to try to shield his son from the ukrainian judiciary. Biden rejects that. Trump wanted to achieve investigations in ukraine for this purpose. The conflict set in motion impeachment proceedings against trump that ended with an acquittal in the senate in february.

Trump’s republicans argue hunter biden’s high-paying post at burisma was a conflict of interest. Joe biden as vice president was in charge of u.S. Policy toward ukraine. Democrats argue hunter biden’s post had no impact on government policy. Joe biden says he never talked to his son about his foreign business dealings.

The speaker of the weiben house, kayleigh mcenany, and chief of staff mark meadows accused twitter of "censorship" in dealing with the newspaper report. The trump administration has long accused online platforms like twitter and facebook of restricting the spread of conservative views – which the services deny.

Trump’s campaign team released a screenshot purporting to prove that twitter blocked mcenany’s access to her personal twitter profile for redistributing the web link to the article. The profile could continue to be called on wednesday evening. Obviously, the lockout prevented them from posting anything themselves. There was no comment from twitter.


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