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Twelve french municipalities want to save energy in a joint venture


Apr 11, 2023
Twelve french municipalities want to save energy in a joint venture

Together many things are easier. If you set out to lose a few pounds at the beginning of the year, for example, you will probably have noticed that you can quickly lose motivation as a lone fighter.
In the group, on the other hand, you are always reminded of your goals in a friendly but emphatic way, even if you're having a bit of a lull yourself.
When twelve mayors from upper and lower franconia meet regularly for three years starting in february to achieve their goals together, it will not be about their personal dream figure. Instead, the heads of the municipalities will focus on the energy consumption of their communities, which can also get out of hand.
In the municipal energy efficiency network of upper franconia, or "keeno" for short, twelve municipalities and municipal associations have joined forces, from roslau in the district of wunsiedel in the far east of upper franconia to schonungen in the district of schweinfurt in lower franconia. The municipalities of kasendorf and himmelkron and the stadtsteinach-untersteinach school association are also involved in the project.

Own properties in view

Under the direction of the energy agency of northern bavaria, based in kulmbach, the municipalities want to work together to reduce energy consumption in their own properties. But before that, the participants must first be put in a position to know about their consumption, because that's where the problem begins: "in many smaller communities in particular, hardly any records are kept of energy consumption, and comparisons over several years are even rarer", says wolfgang bohm. As manager of the network, the managing director of the energy agency holds the threads together and shows how important a meticulous inventory is, especially at the beginning of the project.
The introduction of municipal energy management in all participating municipalities is therefore an essential pillar of the network's work, which is extensively subsidized by the federal environment ministry.
In addition, and this is the clou of the network of the energy agency, an own energy expert is to be trained everywhere locally, who can look after the right in the heating systems of the municipal buildings and recognize weak points in time.
Every three months, the municipalities exchange information at joint network meetings in different locations, not only about their savings successes. Over the next three years, all other topics relating to the energy transition will be addressed, from the conversion of street lighting to LED technology to the generation of electricity using PV modules on the roof of the town hall.
"Network means: here, the municipalities that have already been able to gather experience can get involved. This then benefits all the others who might want to take up the challenge", bohm says.
The "keeno" network takes part in the 1. February 2018 its work on. In the beginning, there is the joint signing of the contracts in the "frankenfarm", which is also efficiency in himmelkron.


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