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Tsv has two new honorary members


Apr 3, 2023

Debt reduced, a top sports facility that is the envy of many at TSV neudrossenfeld, and a current 3rd place in the league. Table 1. Football team in the north-east national league. In addition, the fubballerisch fourth-best eleven in all upper franconia. The balance sheet at the annual meeting in the club’s own sports home could not have been much better. Chairman gerald weinrich painted a picture of a club that stands out from the rest, invests wisely and has the courage to change. "I am proud to be at the head of such a club. If we continue to operate continuously with a black zero, we could have eliminated all our obligations in ten years", weinrich looked far into the future.
He also looked at the high countervalue of the sports facility with a renovated sports home, a new artificial turf field, a grass field, training field and small playing field. In 2018, after previous major investments, the TSV wants to make further smaller improvements such as paving the access roads to the sports fields and the sports home "so that everyone can get to the games on a clean footing", according to the chairman. He was particularly pleased with the commitments of the mainstays of the 1. Volleyball team. Football team for the new season "something is being created together with young active players that will have a positive effect".
Weinrich warned, however, against increasing professionalism in the field of football, small clubs have had a hard time because of this and have received little support from the DFB and BFV. "But we remain true to our line, to realize only what is feasible".
And then weinrich was able to appoint two members as honorary members for 70 years of club membership: hans muller and hans ganzleben, both 85 years old. They were manner of the first hour after the second world war, active footballers, muller was also the club director and secretary, ganzleben helped with many construction works. "We were still fighting for points down in the meadow next to the red main, riding our bicycles to the away games", remember. And ganzleben still watches the games today. The apt comment of the chairman: "such loyalty is enormous, a club needs it".
Mayor harald hubner also admired such a high standard, calling the TSV a supra-regional flagship. "We will continue to support you, he promised the athletes". The fact that neudrossenfeld was recently named one of bavaria’s "feel-good" communities was due in part to the TSV’s great sports facility.
The following soccer players have already played over 300 games for TSV neudrossenfeld and have now been honored for this: tobias gruner, silvio knoll, steffen taubenreuther, martin dorfler and jan kornetzke.
There was a shake-up in the fubball youth area, the cooperation with the TDC lindau was terminated. Carsten bohm reported good news from volleyball. Thanks to sponsors and our own efforts, we are no longer a cost factor for TSV, he said with some pride in his voice.
Karl-heinz schirmer of the cardiac sports group was somewhat less satisfied. There is not a lack of participants, but a lack of doctors who are willing to supervise the training evenings once a week for one and a half hours. There is even a compensation for this. He thanked iris korber and eva-maria ronn, who have accompanied the evening up to now. The sports sessions take place every week on thursdays from 19 to 20.30 a.M. In the school gymnasium in neudrossenfeld.


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