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Too much space for two houses


Jun 15, 2023
Too much space for two houses

There was a massive need for discussion right from the first item on the agenda of the town council meeting on wednesday evening in the adelsdorf aischgrundhalle.

The stumbling block was the wish of a woman from heppstadt to build two houses on 3100 square meters on the northern outskirts of heppstadt. Matthias ruhl from the "stadt land" office in neustadt explained to the committee the process, which should result in the enactment of an inclusion statute. This involves individual plots of land in a structural context.

Michael auer (grune) sees an unequal treatment, because the development of the flat use plan is not yet finished. "Why a privilege that one overtakes the others on the right?", he asked "everyone is lining up in order. The others, who also have building rights, also want to build."

"The family wanted to build sooner and not wait for the land use plan", replied mayor karsten fischkal () "the main priority here is to build as soon as possible. If someone has the will to build, then he should be given the opportunity to do so. Why should we wait two years for the land use plan to be completed before anyone is allowed to build?" "This is also not an overhaul", ruhl added: "the land use plan does not create building law." Moreover, 1000 square meters had already been earmarked in the old land use plan.

Norbert birkner (ABWI) agrees with auers comments and explains that the local spokesman for heppstadt was there: "I think he should make a statement." Jorg bubel (SPD) was also happy to listen to the opinion of the local spokesman and added: "we are taking the second step here before the first. Facts to be the first, and then the others look down the tubes. This can not be." "If we give preference to people, then others will come", uwe poschl (CSU) agrees with the previous speakers. "I don’t think it’s right for us to go about it this way."

In response to tim scheppe’s () objection that a young family wanted to build here, auer replies: "we have young families in all parts of the town who want to build. I can not understand if you want to do it that way! I reject this! There is something fishy about this!" "We are talking about 3000 square meters", declares norbert lamm (SPD) "i find the gross order violent." "There are specifically two construction wishes", says ruhl "you can’t get there with 1000 square meters." Next, alexander schickert, the local spokesman for heppstadt, speaks up and explains that he is old enough to say something himself and does not have to be asked to do so by others first. "We are lucky if we have young citizens in heppstadt who want to settle there." After 45 minutes of discussion, fischkal proposed as a compromise to reduce the second plot to the first one’s coarse of 1000 square meters. This proposal was approved by a vote of 11:9.

The vote on the development plan for the neuhaus sud photovoltaic plant was swift. The committee approved an urban development contract between sudwerk projektgesellschaft mbh burgkunstadt and the municipality of adelsdorf with three votes against in no time at all.


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