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Together against too much plastic


Apr 29, 2023

Where does our gauze come from?? And what happens to him? These and many other questions are being explored in an exhibition at the ehrenburg-gymnasium in forchheim, germany. Until the end of february, there will be an exhibition on the subject of mull in the foyer of the school – with interesting information about individual types of mull (plastic, styrofoam, composites, electrical waste, batteries, aluminum, sheet metal, paper, glass, green waste, construction waste, and also examples of positive initiatives for mull avoidance. The supervising teacher is helga kirsch-burmeister.

Mrs. Kirsch-burmeister, how did the idea come about to work on the subject of mull with the schoolchildren??
Helga kirsch-burmeister: every gymnasium student has to take a mull test in the 11th grade. And 12. Class to complete a project seminar that can be offered on a wide variety of topics. Since the mull problem will be a huge task for the next generation, this topic lends itself to such a seminar, since we all produce vast quantities of mull every year, especially plastic mull, which has already left worrying traces in the oceans. Recently there have been increasing reports in various media about the problems with plastic gauze, for example china's decreasing willingness to remove our plastic gauze, and photos of dead whales and albatrosses with stomachs full of plastic parts. Also problematic are the tiny plastic particles that are created by friction and sunlight over the course of time. It has also been reported that such tiny plastic particles have also been found in the altmuhl, danube, and other rivers, which can come from washing synthetic clothing, among other things. Likewise, one can read or hear more and more about the social problems that arise when we "simply" dispose of our electronic waste in africa or india: under extremely questionable working conditions, recyclable materials are extracted from it – with serious consequences for the environment and the health of the workers, including children!

What is the goal of the project??
For the reasons just mentioned, we as a P-seminar wanted to look at how gauze is currently handled in forchheim and germany or even worldwide – broken down into the various material classes – and how gauze can be avoided or at least recycled in accordance with environmental agreements. Our exhibition is intended to give a small insight into the subject of mull and can hopefully also make a small contribution to raising awareness of this problem. Perhaps one or two people can be encouraged to avoid using gauze wherever possible, for example to avoid unnecessary plastic packaging, to use reusable bags, and not to buy things that you don't really need and then soon throw away.

How the exhibition was set up and designed?
In the exhibition, information on the eleven types of gauze and the green dot can be seen on six panels, each worked on both sides, as well as examples of positive initiatives for gauze avoidance and tips and tricks for avoiding gauze in everyday life, for example "coffee to go again". We have tried to keep the texts in the exhibition short and to present them clearly. A more detailed report of the seminar is expected to be available in the secretariat at the end of february for anyone interested in the matter.


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