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The store should be up and running by summer


Apr 4, 2023
The store should be up and running by summer

"I would like to offer at the next city council meeting on 5. Marz founded a project group for the pub – just like we did with the village store", explains the mayor. Because the idea for "unner wirtshausla" was born is very buried in the population. "We have already made several test runs there, the reception was very good", the community leader sums up and recalls, among other things, events for the church fair, new year's eve, a senior citizens' coffee and an information evening on the use of the defibrillator and the helpers on the spot.

Modifications necessary

Before the new pub can open its doors, however, structural alterations still need to be made to the building, which once housed a savings bank branch and is owned by the horn company. "We need a second toilet facility", werner burger calls the most important tree removal. In addition, the desire was expressed to remove the wall between the future guest room and the former vault and counseling room. This had also been added later.
As far as the cake equipment is concerned, burger sees no urgent need for action. Eventually we will be in "our inn" not sauerbraten& co, but only to serve small snacks like sandwiches. "It will be enough if we gradually complete the existing line of cakes."


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