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The senior citizens’ group enriches life in eltmann


May 2, 2023

In the fall of 1978, the seniors’ group was founded in the parish of eltmann. On tuesday, the seniors from eltmann and the city districts celebrated 40 years of existence. At the festive service in the city parish church, pastor bernhard ochsner was joined by the previous leaders of the seniors’ group, pastors siegfried vogt and thomas klemm, as well as the former deanery pastor ottmar pottler, now retired pastor in the pilgrimage parish of maria limbach.

The six pearls of old age were recommended to the seniors by pastor bernhard ochsner. Gratitude, serenity, freedom, patience, gentleness and love make old age a fulfilling phase of life, he said.

After the service the kolpingssaal was full to capacity. Barbara heinrich, the pastoral assistant responsible for the work with seniors in the parish, thanked mayor michael ziegler for always having an open ear for the concerns of seniors, for example at the new year’s reception, and, together with andrea neub, for setting a highlight every year at the colorful seniors’ carnival.

Elisabeth schneider has been the "cake boss" for 20 years with her team, which hosts the meetings and decorates them seasonally. The older we get, the more important our strong helpers become for setting the tables".

The review of the 40 years was taken over by lorenz dumpert, who himself led the seniors’ group for twelve years and still accompanies the meetings as a musician – as he did at the jubilee. He was pleased that "the dynamic jutta sender, together with her husband heinrich, who unfortunately passed away recently, has been in charge for almost 15 years now. For lorenz dumpert, the seniors’ group is the nucleus of the parish community. At the same time, he has always been a socially active force, approaching the mayor and city council with concerns and requests.

From the story

The seniors’ circle was founded in 1978 by the then deanery chairwoman christiane buhl and spiritual advisor josef kleinhenz. The first chairmen were anna wanke and kaspar pflaum with pastor felix funk as prases. Until 1991, barbara hofmann and wilhelm stenger led the seniors’ group, which also formed a seniors’ gymnastics group just a few months after its founding. This was looked after for ten years by aurelia seifert, then for twelve years by maria klein and until today by ellen tonne.

The basic aim of the senior citizens’ group is to foster socializing, but also to enable further education. Excursions offer variety and many also visit each other privately between the monthly meetings, especially when someone is ill or needs encouragement. For it is an old adage: "it is not the years, but a person’s attitude to life that determines his age", said lorenz dumpert.

Mayor michael ziegler also joined in the thanks. The work with seniors is enormously important for life in the city and the city does its utmost to support the seniors’ group in eltmann.


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