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The hole gnaws at the sheet metal


Jun 13, 2023

On the subject of the elementary school, weisendorf’s mayor heinrich sub (UWG) surprised the councilors in their most recent meeting with bad news that had already been an item in the closed session on 3. June was when an expert opinion on roof renovation was commissioned.

For the roof renovation of the elementary school I, the architekturburo bettmann from ruckersdorf was commissioned with the service phases 1 and 2 (basic evaluation and preliminary planning) for the time being. Together with a specialist company, the bettmann office was on site, examined the roof and opened it up at one point. A number of damages were found, the titanium zinc sheet roof is defective in many places and small holes are showing in the sheet, also known as lochfrab.

The cause is the moisture under the sheet metal, because an inadequate roofing membrane was used when the sheet metal roof was built, which tends to make it even more prone to moisture penetration. The stepped roof construction requires a significant improvement of the cross-ventilation of the roof. In the current design, air vents are present in the upper part of the roof, but they are obviously insufficient. The tongue-and-groove boards used as a substructure at the time also appear to be too thin in terms of material thickness.

According to the architect, it will only be possible to determine whether the installed roof sheathing can continue to be used when the roof skin is roughly removed. In addition, the integrated, partially curved drainage channel cannot be cleaned. In addition, the clean edge of the gutter is not significantly deeper than the inner edge.

Water does not flow properly

In the event of a waterlog or heavy rain, the water will not spill forward, but will flow back into the roof structure. According to the expert’s report, the persistent moisture under the titanium zinc sheet accelerates the corrosion of the material and urgent remedial action should be taken to prevent further moisture penetration of the entire roof structure and the embankment.

The rehabilitation proposal therefore provides for the dismantling of the roof skin and gutter, as well as the removal of the roof membrane, the drying out of the roof formwork and the testing for further use. In the end, the installation of a structured separating layer under the roof skin, installation of a new titanium zinc sheet and renewal of the roof gutter as a circumferential box gutter are to be carried out in partial segments. It is also necessary to ensure the coordination of sufficient ventilation of the roof membrane with the manufacturer. According to the architect’s preliminary calculations, the costs excluding fees will amount to around 245,000 euros.


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