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Teachers to complete more internships in the future


May 3, 2023
Teachers to complete more internships in the future

At the meeting of the school-business working group (AK) on monday evening at the dreiberg school in knetzgau, the new chairmen, school inspector susanne vodde from the habberge state education authority, and katharina hoff, head of training and further education at frankische rohrwerke konigsberg, introduced themselves to the members. They then went on to explain the focus of their future work.
At the beginning, mayor stefan paulus emphasized how important it is that the school deals with economic topics and seeks contact with the economy. One company in knetzgau, for example, has signed training contracts with ten young people. "But now he is left with only one trainee. The other nine didn't show up and didn't cancel", he pointed out the problem. The general education of schoolchildren also leaves a lot to be desired. "This is not the task of the school, but it should at least encourage the students to look beyond their own horizons, sharpen their sense of responsibility and educate them in a career-oriented way, he said.
After a tour of the renovated school, the AK's managing director, matthias weinberger, explained to the partly new members the objectives of the working group, which aims to support the younger generation in their career orientation and to ease the transition of schoolchildren into the world of work. "The economy needs the schools more and more, and we are the county-wide pioneers for vocational orientation in the middle schools, so that now every middle school student receives the same systematic vocational orientation with all kinds of support", weinberger said. As the then director of the school district, ulrike brech had led the AK since 2009 as a representative of the schools with a lot of heart and soul. "You have acted as a visionary, especially with regard to career orientation. You were a tireless campaigner and always closed funding gaps. What was also fascinating was that you were a link between all types of schools", weinberger praised and thanked brech for her work.
"I have enjoyed working here very much", replied ulrike brech, who will be a senior consulant to the AK in the future.

"Precisely fitting apprenticeships"

The new chairmen are already familiar with the issues of the aks, also due to their activities. "I would like to develop support systems here with all members, so that our young people can find suitable training and are well prepared for it", said susanne vodde. Katharina hoff, who also studied business pedagogy, also hopes that the project will be "beneficial for all to be able to work.
The first challenge they mentioned was the organization of the regional meeting of the school-business working groups from all over lower franconia on 12 december. July at the french pipe works in konigsberg. The main topic will be digitization, and it is conceivable that the AK will continue to work on this afterwards.
They also thought it would be interesting to get teachers more involved in practical training: "when teachers experience the work in the companies themselves, it has a different quality than just a short visit. It would be great if they became experts in vocational orientation", said vodde.
You are hoping that the topic of "digitalization" will be a success new input. "We need to know what the companies are asking for in this regard, and we need teacher training on this subject", susanne vodde explained. But there was also agreement that success has something to do with hard work. Teachers had to impart this more strongly.
Hans-georg hafner, master craftsman in the habberge district, emphasized that before schoolchildren could start typing on a tablet, macbook or smartphone, they needed to have a basic knowledge of the subject. "We need craftsmen above all, he admonished and at the same time lamented: "today's schoolchildren are particularly keen to have as much free time as possible."

"We need everyone"

This was confirmed by career counselor peter stretz from the employment agency: "young people are very comfortable with the idea of working in a company. They lack nothing, and we do not reach a large part of them at all. This is very unfortunate, because we all need. We have to think about how we can reach them. In addition, the attractiveness of the trade must be increased – also and above all among parents, who strongly direct their children."
Finally, horst hofmann, spokesman for a working group of the education region, reported on its work. "Our goals are to improve contacts between schools and businesses, to qualify older workers and also women, to support the skilled trades in their search for skilled workers, to encourage workers to return to the district, and to integrate migrants", he said.

The working group

The school-business network of bavaria is a voluntary network that seeks local solutions to current challenges at the interface between schools and business in the region. School-economy is party-politically neutral and the honorary office forms the important foundation. Schule-wirtschaft offers sustainable connections between schools and business in order to create space for practical experience and to strengthen the next generation, cooperation at eye level, co-design of the bavarian educational landscape, a platform for good ideas at the transition from school to the working world as well as a reliable, heterogeneous and non-commercial network and would like to make business tangible.


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