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Suspects are in custody for the time being


May 26, 2023

In mid-november, the police in bad kissingen succeeded in arresting two men who are strongly suspected of having been involved in a grandchildren’s trick scam. At the request of the public prosecutor’s office, both are in custody pending investigation. The criminal investigation department.

Around 11.50 o’clock on that wednesday, 14. November, the phone rang with a couple in garitz. The caller posed as a well-known person and demanded a total of 30,000 euros because of an alleged financial emergency, according to the police report. The woman who received the call recognized the fraud and reacted with presence of mind by pretending to accept the demand of the perpetrators. In fact, the couple understood the police.

With the cooperation of several police departments, an 18-year-old and a 49-year-old were arrested on the spot three hours later. The men, who reside in baden-wurttemberg, appeared at the couple’s home to collect money. By order of the schweinfurt public prosecutor’s office, the duo was brought before the investigating judge, who ordered them to be taken into custody. Investigations into possible backers continue.

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