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Standing ovation after church concert


Jun 17, 2023

Around 60 visitors turned up on saturday evening to witness an interesting chapter in the history of music. The program title "venice in vienna" was still confusing enough at the start of the concert. An hour later they were wiser.

Antonio bertali? Or giovanni sances? Or dario castello? Most of the names on the program sheet sounded italian. What else they had in common was that 17. Century. But even that was not enough to cover the program. In short: at the habsburg court in vienna, musicians stood in special honor, if they came from venice. Venice is the stronghold of well-trained musicians? At this time already. The ensemble capella serenissima showed how this might have sounded there. Another reference, an allusion moreover. La serenissima – as venice was called, and as "the most illustrious" it is still a concept today. So there is also a little bit of nobility in the whimsically chosen ensemble name, to which yosuke kurihara (trombone), dorothea lieb (block flute/zinc), ralf waldner (harpsichord) and ruth ellner (violin), contribute. All of them studied and taught music, experienced in other ensembles and working in the bamberg/nurnberg area.

An instrument called zinc

To a "toccata in d waldner had the opportunity to be a soloist. The man, who has also made radio recordings for WDR, SWR and BR, was reserved for the most reserved part of the evening. The harpsichord is built in such a way that – in contrast to the piano – it does not have a great deal of scope for different kinds of loudness. This is also due to the fact that the strings of the instrument, which is rich in overtones, are plucked rather than struck. But this also meant that on saturday evening it could be experienced as an instrument that was also able to perform rhythmic tasks discreetly like a percussion instrument. But what is a zinc? It is idiosyncratic flotentones that hide behind this wooden and bent instrument. You sound warm and metallic at the same time. The mouthpiece, dorothea lieb told our newspaper after the concert, was made of metal and responsible for this mixture. Lieb also had an explanation for the name of the instrument: zinc goes back to the curved shape, after all a curved nose is also called a zinc.

Time and again, one of the features of the works was that, despite their complexity, they also offered soloistic interludes. In adam jarzebski’s (1590?-1648/9) la sentinella even had a melodic little question-and-answer game built into it.

The music of a total of eight masters of the 17. And sometimes only 16. The mood at the beginning of the 21st century was mostly cheerful. The audience thanked him with a standing ovation.


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