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Spd top candidate natascha kohnen: “tackling instead of agitating” in the election campaign


Apr 21, 2023
Spd top candidate natascha kohnen: 'tackling instead of agitating' in the election campaign

This is exactly what the social democrats want to play out in the election campaign. Munich (dpa/lby) – SPD state leader natascha kohnen wants to present herself and her party in the state election campaign as a clear alternative to the CSU and its top candidate markus soder – in style and content. "I will do everything I can to change the political style", kohnen told the german press agency in munich and emphasized: "my message is: tackle instead of agitate." This is how she wants to and will run the state election campaign this year. "I have a very clear political style – and if it differs from that of my competitor, the voters will judge that."

"I believe that many people have a longing for an alternative in bavaria – also in terms of how we deal with each other, in terms of the issues", said kohnen, who is leading the SPD into the election as the top candidate. "My ambition is to bring a businesslike, serious and calm approach to this election campaign." She criticized in particular the CSU’s course on refugee policy.

Kohnen reaffirmed the SPD’s clear intention to remain the second strongest force in bavaria. "We of course have the claim to be the second force in bavaria", she said. However, she did not want to give a concrete election target in percent. She only emphasized: "I want to make the SPD as strong as possible in bavaria." In polls, the SPD is currently at around 15 percent – after 20.6 percent in the 2013 state election and 15.3 percent in the 2017 federal election.

Unlike the free democrats, the greens and the FDP, who would like to govern with the CSU, kohnen does not want to make such an announcement: "we will not make a coalition statement. And I’m not going to start the year talking about possible coalitions in the fall." Looking at the other opposition parties, she added: "i don’t understand why others are doing this either. Everyone suddenly wants to govern with the CSU – I’m very surprised." Kohnen emphasized: "the voters will ultimately decide who can govern with whom in the end. This is a decision made by the voters – and not in advance by politicians." The people did not want coalition games now, but rather their issues to be addressed, their problems to be solved.

Among other things, kohnen named housing and family policy as central issues for the SPD in the election campaign. "Our number one topic will be housing", she said. "People must be able to afford a roof over their heads, that is the be-all and end-all. The land price pushes in the high – that is for the people no more ertraglich." And the second major topic will be family policy: "childcare, good all-day care at schools – and gradually towards free daycare centers", explained the SPD politician.

The SPD state parliamentary group wants to prepare for the state election year at its winter retreat at the irsee monastery in the middle of the month. SPD chairman martin schulz is expected to be one of the guests there.


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