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Rough jumps with high school graduation


May 20, 2023
Rough jumps with high school graduation

How do you imagine the perfect high school student?? Determined, hard-working, well-balanced, with a wide range of interests and socially committed. But if you are honest, very few children are like that when they leave elementary school for secondary school. It is therefore all the more important that there should still be an opportunity later on to obtain the general entrance qualification for university entrance via the first educational pathway. That is the goal of alex mader. Since this school year, the 17-year old secondary school graduate from markbreit has been attending the profilklasse at the landschulheim wiesentheid – and is well on the way to a good school-leaving certificate.

Two models

Principal hilmar kirch has installed this model exclusively for good students with intermediate school leaving certificate at the wiesentheider and gaibacher gymnasiums. "If you want to get a general high school diploma, you should also be able to go to a grammar school", explains the teacher and would also like to offer this possibility to students who decide to enter later. Compared to the specialized baccalaureate at the FOS, the students had greater freedom of choice both in the upper school itself and afterwards – even if they first enter the various gymnasium branches in the profile class in the tenth grade.
This is the central difference to the official model of the ministry of education, which will be introduced at the armin knab gymnasium starting in the next school year. Here, graduates of all types of schools at which the intermediate secondary school leaving certificate can be obtained start in the so-called introductory class. "They are there among themselves and are specifically challenged", explains principal margit hofmann, who is looking forward to the new challenge for the kitzingen high school. The opportunity has always existed, but the transfer students have not been specifically challenged to do so. The state school advisory office also writes in its information sheet: "overall, direct entry into the gymnasium is less recommended for pedagogical reasons, since experience shows that differences in learning and knowledge can cause problems." For this reason, the ministry also considers the establishment of introductory classes to be indispensable. Gert weib, ministerial representative for grammar schools in lower franconia, explains: "kitzingen was the only district in the region that did not yet have a school with an introductory class, even though the education program provides for a large number of such classes." He considers the introductory class to be a real opportunity. "The advantage is that the student is led to the general higher education entrance qualification", he finds. The structures had to be sufficiently permeable so that an ambitious high school student could pass the general baccalaureate without any major hurdles.
Like alex mader. Together with ten other secondary school graduates, he has already settled in quite well at the wiesentheider landschulheim since september. He sees it as an advantage that he has moved directly to an existing grammar school class. "You can measure yourself against the others and see where you stand."
This is also confirmed by andrea vielacker, who is responsible as a teacher for the profilklassenschuler. "Seven of the eleven profil students in the tenth grade are among the best", she explains. Alex is not surprised. "We are doing it for us", he explains – and is probably already further ahead than some of his "urgymnasial" colleagues schoolmates.


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