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Return after 37 years: hrubesch to refine hsv talents


Apr 26, 2023
return after 37 years: hrubesch to refine hsv talents

37 years after his last appearance for hamburger sv, horst hrubesch is back at the traditional club. The 69-year-old former national player and DFB coach takes over responsibility for talent development at the second-division soccer club as director of youth development.

"HSV has always been and will always be my club," the former "head ball monster" enthused on the HSV homepage on friday, and promised: "being aware of the current situation, I will try to do my part to improve the overall sporting situation."

Hrubesch didn’t put up with the tranquil life of a pensioner for long. Only one and a half years after his retirement, the former goalkeeper is drawn back to the soccer base. "Now that i’m retired and actually wanted to enjoy my free time with my wife and family, things turned out differently," said the former center forward, who scored 133 goals in 211 compulsory games in the HSV jersey. He is "absolutely convinced" of sporting director jonas boldt and his team and wants to be involved "in the holistic restructuring," he stressed.

When hrubesch left hsv in 1983 after five years, coach ernst happel’s team had just become german champions and won the european cup of national champions. The glamour has long faded. Now the club goes into the 2. League into its third year.

The second failed attempt at a bundesliga return should be warning enough for those responsible, hrubesch said. It should "no longer be about individual people, but only about HSV". The motto "only HSV" really describes everything," the westphalian emphasized.

Hrubesch is experienced in dealing with talent. From 2000 to 2016, he worked in various positions in the DFB’s youth development department. In 2008 he won the european championship with the U19 team and in 2009 with the U21 team, and in 2016 he won the silver medal with the olympic team in rio de janeiro. He has an "enormously valuable wealth of experience," said boldt in praise of his new acquisition. When dealing with young soccer players, he "strikes the right note and is also a real hsver". However, the modest hrubesch has one wish: the media should not drag him into the center of the coverage.


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