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Relentless “word front” against banality


Apr 13, 2023

Waving the weibe flag is not your style. "Wordfront" go on the offensive. They sing against cliches, break taboos and usually hit the mark: is sandra kreisler's tone provocative?? "That's what it's always like. But we ourselves are the most astonished", says the daughter of georg kreisler and topsy kuppers, who died on 11.11. For the first time into the depths of the kaulberg climbs to dedicate itself to the bamberger audience.

"At the forefront of speech" kreisler and roger stein give themselves a pugnacious appearance. Especially since the diseuse has been "fighting" every song with the swiss songwriter for seven years, as the duo reports on its web-site. "Tail replacement" was the first joint work of the binational songsmiths, followed by "songs of a postmodern asshole". Rude words. Accordingly, the debut, which was awarded the "preis der deutschen schallplattenkritik" (prize of the german record critics), divided opinion was elected.

"I think the pain threshold differs from region to region", says sandra kreisler. "The more northern – the more piqued the reactions." In franken the audience (as the sanger attested) is much more open than in north rhine-westphalia or even further towards the coast. At first, concert organizers even wanted to remove the title "songs of a postmodern asshole". What the "word front" not distracted, the "penetratingly contemplative" for the feast of love served: with a drunken santa claus in the middle of empty beer bottles the duo advertised their program on posters.

"Hauten" and take off
This is how kreisler& stone, who found each other in 1999, to their mission. "Skin", yes "reinvent" both wanted to meet after the turn of the millennium. The "word front. Entstand. Pulling the literary chanson out of the cabaret corner and presenting it as a modern art form of the 21st century. The common goal is to raise the profile of the region at the beginning of the 21st century. "Many sing titles in the form of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. We, on the other hand, combine references to literary chanson with elements of classical chamber music, pop, rock and hip-hop metrics."

A melange, whose visors are unsparing lyrics, as known from georg kreisler. Like his daughter, the composer, singer and poet resisted the label "cabaret artist": the warning beacon with which one protects the audience from the unfiltered truth.

Was the father's legacy ever a burden for sandra kreisler?? "Doors are opened faster, but going through is made insanely difficult", says the sanger, who previously distinguished herself as an actress and worked with well-known directors. At some point, however, she turned her attention to "that which makes me burn. And with this, the diseuse, who is imbued with the fatherly genes, also means the tendency to sing in plain language. "Only one is not used to intensive texts with statement in the german-speaking area any more. The people close their ears."

Sandra kreisler should be spared this at club kaulberg, where arnd ruhlmann's "leichen im keller" (corpses in the cellar) are on display dormant. At 8 p.M., the "word front" leaves on the offensive. Your first stop, by the way, at the regnitz river. "But we've been through it before: that's how i think bamberg will become a city of longing for me."


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