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Reichenbach: pigeon fanciers celebrate anniversary


May 12, 2023
Reichenbach: pigeon fanciers celebrate anniversary

Josef ludsteck can still remember the founding meeting clearly. "At that time I was twelve, he says. But he started even earlier. There was an empty dovecote in his parents’ house from his uncle, but he no longer lived there. I was eight years old when the first pigeons stood under the christmas tree. Josef ludsteck remembers exactly how happy he was about it.

Because there were even more pigeon enthusiasts in reichenbach and in windheim, the carrier pigeon club was founded. One year later, in 1960, josef ludsteck won five prizes during the whole season. "I was so proud", he still today. The first certificates he still has today. "Some breeders win five prizes in a single flight", he says. "And more."

Josef ludsteck has been the secretary of the brietaubenclub for almost 50 years and has collected the most important dates. Twelve pigeon fanciers from reichenbach and seven from windheim met on 8. August 1959, to found the carrier pigeon club, which to their delight got the club number 0123. The first chairman was ernst muller from reichenbach. The monthly contribution was 50 pfennig and was collected by treasurer bernd soder and assistant treasurer josef ludsteck, who went from house to house every month. The membership fee was three marks. At that time, josef ludsteck remembers, the pigeons were still transported by train from the niederlauren train station to the launch site.

The founding members who were able to experience the anniversary are theo tuchert, rudolf seith, ernst seith, erhard beck, franz hein, lothar back and josef ludsteck. Twelve foundation members have already passed away. "We remember them at every meeting under the agenda item honoring the dead." Anton mahlmeister joined the club a few years after its foundation, but then led the pigeon club as chairman for 50 years without interruption. Josef ludsteck describes "our anton as prudent, honest, unermudlich, comradely and gonnerhaft. "A board as you can only wish for, with expertise and cheerfulness – that’s how he shaped the club landscape." He is honorary chairman of the reichenbach carrier pigeon club and honorary president of the munnerstadt pigeon club, of which he was also chairman for 17 years, and wearer of the golden association pin.

Anton mahlmeister and ernst muller are the fathers of the association, which can now look back on its 60th anniversary. Ernst muller died suddenly and unexpectedly about a month after his 75th birthday. The friends of carrier pigeons had presented him with a gift basket for his 75th birthday. Anton mahlmeister was a member for 50 years until 3. October 2015 chairman.

Today the club, including the passive members, has 30 members. Four pigeon flocks currently participate in the flights, eleven sportsmen are responsible for it, among them are four youngsters, of which the club is particularly proud.

The pigeon fanciers fondly remember the former city councillor karl "charly sharply, who was also a member and always sang with them at the prize distributions. That the anniversary is celebrated now, a few months after the actual birthday, has of course a reason: "because ‘taubenfuggerer’ have known from march to september no time, the pigeons are especially cared for and prepared for the old care or in august and september for the young flights."

In all these years not only the pigeons were on the way, but also the breeders. The tours went from kuhlungsborn on the baltic sea to elisabethszell in the bavarian forest.

The jubilee will now be celebrated on saturday, 23rd. And on sunday, 24. November, celebrated in the reichenbacher sport home. The patronage has 2. Mayor andreas tragner (free choice) took over. He will open the exhibition on saturday at 1 pm. At 7 pm there will be the festive evening with honors of the pigeon club and the pigeon sport club. On sunday the exhibition is open from 10 a.M. To 4 p.M. From 12 o’clock there will be a panel discussion with the top breeder marco mattis, who will report among other things about the care of carrier pigeons and their diseases.

Not only beautiful and efficient pigeons are shown, but also objects and utensils of a pigeon fancier from 1960. The span reaches from then to today, where the internet plays an important role for the breeders. Visitors are catered for on both days of the event.


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