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Realschule student from scheblitz wins reading competition


May 29, 2023
Realschule student from scheblitz wins reading competition

Eleven-year-old louis schonlein proudly presents his winner's certificate. A few moments earlier, he had beaten his three competitors from the district of bamberg to win the regional decision of the book competition in the st. Vitus bookstore in burgebrach won. "I had put a lot of effort into the competition, but I was still very excited, reports the sixth-grader from the state secondary school scheblitz. His nervousness, however, was not at all apparent to him.

In the first round, in which the students had to read a text prepared at home, louis was able to convince them with a confident performance. He also read a passage from "feo and the wolves" that was previously unknown to the children he mastered round two with aplomb. His many years of reading paid off here in particular: the harry potter series is his absolute favorite read. "I have already read it twice."

For the jury, the high school student quickly emerged as the favorite, as jury member elisa wunsch from the organizer kreisjugendring explains. "Of course, we paid attention to how intelligibly or accentuated the text was read aloud. The children's self-assessment of not going beyond the three-minute reading time was also a decisive criterion." But not only the first place was awarded: also nadine lunz, letizia arums and laura amberg, who followed behind, were honored with a certificate for their reading skills and could look forward to book vouchers.

For winner louis schonlein, however, the reading competition is not yet over: in the district decision, he will soon have to compete with the best readers from all over upper franconia. The field of participants will be further narrowed down to the national finals before the. June in berlin, the best sixth-grade reader across all schools will be crowned.

Fewer and fewer participants

A familiar face at the regional reading competition is franz will, a former elementary and high school principal in the region. "I've been involved for 40 years – whether as a teacher or, as now, as the event's moderator." But he had never seen such a small field of participants: only eight schools from the district of bamberg had entered the winners of the respective school competitions – four children had to cancel at short notice, partly due to illness. According to will, the competition used to take place with about 20 students at a time.

Children's enthusiasm for reading continues, former teacher says, referring to his reading-loving grandchildren. He sees the reason for the decline in subscriber numbers elsewhere. "I do not know to what extent the reading is still above in the commitment of the schools", franz will regrets. "I would like to see teachers focus more on reading again."


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