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Plenty of practice and information for red cross members in munnerstadt


May 17, 2023
plenty of practice and information for red cross members in munnerstadt

"Please come to the place where the motorcycles are", on saturday afternoon at the youth campground at the zent in munnerstadt. Many a person looked around and wondered where the voice was coming from. Looking up, it quickly became clear that the voice was coming from the "talking drone", hovering over the red cross workers.

More than 100 participants from the BRK district associations of amberg-sulzbach, ansbach, aschaffenburg, bad kissingen, habberge, kitzingen, main-spessart, main-bingen, miltenberg-obernburg, rhon-grabfeld, tirschenreuth and wurzburg were buried by alexander kretz, deputy head of the district preparedness unit. BRK district manager harald erhard said that information, practical demonstrations and getting to know each other were the "salt in the soup" at this event be. As the BRK district association of lower franconia, we are also prepared to provide appropriate support in the future," she says.

Active and lively red cross community

"We in the BRK district association are all about volunteerism, and that is also evident at this event." Harald erhard has been BRK district manager for three quarters of a year and enjoys this new task. It’s events like this that show how active and lively the red cross community is. In this context, he referred to the gross event "ironnore" /foul penalty), which took place as an eu meeting in eisenerz, austria. Units of the district of lower franconia were also represented there. Even the integrated control center in schweinfurt was an important partner. They supported the training with 3-D map material.

1000 participants from five nations take part, and they are proud that, for example, the ARGO, the landing and swimming vehicle of the district association based in bad neustadt, is also involved. The district manager said that always an open exchange is the essential element of such events. That’s why the forces of the malteser hilfsdienst were also there.

Burgermeister donates beer

The district manager thanked the head of the district emergency unit, burkard kuhn (munnerstadt). His team was responsible for the organization and supervised the camp with 20 volunteers. Munnerstadt’s mayor helmut blank echoed this thanks, spontaneously donating a 25-liter keg of beer. The mayor recalled last year, when this event was held for the first time. The continuation makes clear that the idea of that time has arrived. Helmut blank referred to the service of the red cross members for the common good and said a special thank you, also in the name of the population. Petra luber, deputy head of the regional preparedness team, spoke of instructive hours. Getting to know each other and exchanging information is an important part of such specialized service camps, in order to be able to work together in the event of an emergency. Alexander kretz, deputy head of the district preparedness team, took over the pit from district preparedness team leader bernd robmanith and spoke of a successful event.

Exhibitions, mutual exchange and practical experience are the content of the technical service camp. The more than 100 participants from various bavarian emergency services showed that the idea born a year ago was the right one. His special greetings went to petra luber from the BRK regional management, BRK district manager harald erhard, regional physician professor dr. Med. Peter sefrin, stefan funck, mayor helmut blank and the preparation team with burkard kuhn at the helm. He mentioned the various trade exhibitors who were present on site. They provided information on all aspects of information, communication and drones." Alexander kretz spoke of a successful specialist service camp for the emergency services, combined with the IUK-day.

It’s all about technology

In the run-up to the event, stefan funck, head of the regional emergency medical services from the BRK district association in habberge, had already referred to the mix of information, exchange, workshops and practical experience. Above all, the drone is used more and more to get a quick and accurate picture of the damage. Drones with thermal imaging cameras are of great advantage. These are used above all in the search for missing persons. He called the development of digital radio important and interesting. The district information office was on site with the registration of helpers. Jorg uhrig (miltenberg-obernburg) was at the technical service camp for the technical department. He focused on two topics, namely electricity and "evaporators and burners" at the field cakes. The emergency generator is still important, for example to illuminate a treatment area. Knowledge about the vaporizer and burner was also in demand for the field cakes. After all, heat of up to 800 degrees is generated here. On average, a field cake is designed to serve up to 250 people.

Always up to date

Further training is therefore important, continued the deputy head of the district preparedness team, alexander kretz. One should always be up to date and also look "beyond the end of one’s nose"." Synergy effects had to be recognized and exploited. The more than 100 participants showed how important and interesting such technical service camps are. He also thanked the voluntary fire department of munnerstadt. This supported the specialized service camp with three realistic accident representations. One was a room fire, which was depicted at the train station in munnerstadt, another was a traffic accident in seubrigshausen, and finally a high rescue at the munnerstadt church. The participants themselves showed interest and loved to consult at the individual stands. Comments: "something like this is important to know where the technology still goes… I was especially interested in the field kitchen. You should not be afraid, but you should have respect… An interesting day, which should be continued."


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