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Pirates take new run at democracy software


Apr 7, 2023
Pirates take new run at democracy software

The new rules are intended to help overcome the resistance that still exists within the party. Long-term goal is then a "liquid democracy" – here existing borders of democratic processes are to be dissolved, to be "liquefied.

"I think we should use the system seriously now," klaus peukert, who is responsible for the operation and further development of the use of liquidfeedback in the party’s national executive committee, told the dpa news agency on tuesday. "Until now, voting results on liquidfeedback often had no consequences. We should change that now and also take up such decisions in the executive board."

The association interactive democracy presents version 2 next friday in berlin.0 of its software, which is also used by other organizations. At its first national party conference in may 2010 in bingen am rhein, the pirate party decided to introduce liquid feedback nationwide. The software is used to form opinions within the party and for voting purposes. Each member can also delegate his or her vote on a particular issue to a person he or she trusts.

The resulting voting power of individual persons is one of the reasons for criticism within the pirate party. In order to clarify the controversy that has been going on for a long time, federal chairman bernd schlomer wants to have an external expert opinion drawn up on the use of liquidfeedback.

"The concerns about liquid feedback tend to come from a small but vocal minority that keeps making the same arguments over and over again," peukert said. "The members who joined after the election victory in berlin mostly only criticized the operation or individual processes of the software."

Among the new features of liquidfeedback 2.0 includes notification of votes, for example. Delegations are to expire if a member does not use the platform regularly for a longer period of time – after half a year at the most. And members will be able to use the platform at different party levels in the future – from the federal government to local associations. This will take some time, perhaps until the end of the year or the beginning of 2013, said peukert. Also there will be a new surface for liquidfeedback.

"The model of liquid democracy is a distant goal," explains the IT specialist, who was elected to the national executive committee in april. "This is the reinvention of democracy with the means of the 21st century". Century. Liquid democracy combines the advantages of direct and representative democracy and avoids their respective disadvantages."So far there is hardly any possibility to influence representatives in the parliament after an election. "With liquid feedback, i can decide at any time whether i want to vote myself or whether i want to be represented because i have neither the time nor the inclination nor the expertise for a particular topic."


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