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Petition goes from dormitz to the state parliament


Jun 7, 2023
Petition goes from dormitz to the state parliament

First the rejected bypass, now the new construction of the bridge with relocation of the creek. Any hope of the community of interests for less traffic in dormitz is dashed. Petition to the state parliament to stop the construction of the new bridge.

Larm does not take a break. The initiative for the west bypass wanted to point this out on the day of the larm with an action. Green banner with the inscription "stop the alarm in dormitz were made. Grun as a color for the hope to finally experience a relief. But due to corona, the action was not possible. The larm remained – along with air pollution and danger of moving to fub or bike on the main street.

Comprehensive and future-oriented

Therefore, the interest group has submitted a petition to the state parliament to stop the isolated bridge new construction over the brandbach with relocation of the stream course. The excavators are already rolling.

A comprehensive, future-oriented traffic concept is the demand of IG. "The invasion road is so straight that with considerable speed is driven into the place", says the petition. Too late the speed was reduced, also trucks speed into the place. Many fubgangers, however, cross the street, and the shopping center has made this area a new focal point for the burghers. In addition, the road to the elementary school.

The isolated construction of bridges should therefore be stopped in favor of a future-oriented traffic solution. This was also already communicated to the strabenbauamt, but this has also dashed the hopes of the burghers. This hope began with the bypass road. "The traffic has remained. Despite corona, the trucks thunder through the village from 3 o’clock in the morning and even the motorcyclists, who were not allowed to be on the road", says edith lodes-nowotny, one of the three spokespersons for IG.

The arguments of the supporters of the bypass have not changed. They find it regrettable that among the opponents are people who used to live on the main street, but now live a safe distance away from it. "Many of the residents are already of an advanced age, many houses are empty. The place is being hollowed out from the inside and the traffic is constantly increasing", adds lodes-nowotny. Talks with mayor holger bezold showed that the head of the municipality favors a referendum, according to the IG.

But: "in the village only 20 percent are affected by it. You should ask the people who drive from A to B on the main road. Moreover, there is no overall concept. The bus is too expensive and therefore the wrong way to go. The stadt-umland-bahn is laudable, but according to a forecast, only two to three percent would switch to the stub. The big cities try to keep the traffic out, here the traffic runs through the middle of the village", explains klaus treczka, spokesman for the pro-initiative.

A referendum would probably dash other hopes for relief, fear supporters who are still trying to get the issue on the table. The activities to draw attention to the permanent suffering of the residents have shifted. From the earlier meetings directly on the main street to show that no entertainment is possible, to the internet.

Crossing aid is being considered

The IG has founded a blog and has written an article there about the day of the larm. For the second rough hope was that one of the burgers proposals already received in 2017 for traffic deceleration and improvement of the fubgangeruberquerung before the new construction of the bridge will be implemented. A crossing aid at the bridge at the entrance to the village is being considered by the bypass supporters.

This seems to have been lost in the coordination between the municipality and the state tram construction office, says the IG and has therefore sent a petition to munich. "The excavators are already ready, but we hope for insight and improvements", says treczka. The tramway construction office dampens hopes for the desired crossing aid. "Then the bridge had to be wider than 2.50 meters", says michael raab from the authority.

It has been examined in detail, but apart from the considerable environmental impact, it would be extremely problematic from the point of view of nature conservation and water rights. However, an alternative is being considered. "A pedestrian traffic light will be installed at the bridge", explains the mayor, says raab. Whether this will bring the desired results or whether the state parliament will quickly decide otherwise remains to be seen. When the excavators roll away again.


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