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Otherwise the end of fubball is imminent!


May 6, 2023
Otherwise the end of fubball is imminent!

Above all, the impartial referees in the erlangen/pegnitzgrund fubball playing district were affected: "if referees can only be led off the pitch under personal protection, as happened several times last season, then that is unacceptable. This is the way to ruin fubball."
There have already been incidents of this kind in the youth field – referees who are attacked and need police surveillance in order to be able to leave the respective sports grounds unharmed. Habermann spoke to the present responsible persons, who usually do not need such appeals anyway: "the referees are your club members, and if this goes on, it can be estimated that we will not find any more referees at all. And that is the end of fubball."
Habermann also reminded of questions of passport law, because "if you don’t have a player’s passport, you are not insured. If something really happens, it can end badly and possibly lead to high damage sums, which everyone then has to pay out of their own pockets." Habermann also criticized the horrendous hall fees that were charged at some venues.
The group match directors manfred kressner and thomas beetz gave an overview of the leagues under their control and distributed praise, but also criticism in the A-class 1, for example, supervised by thomas beetz, all 136 matches could be played. But he criticized the 506 yellow and 14 red cards. In the B-klasse 1, 91 matches were played, but eleven were scored X:0. A total of 1540 euros in association fines were due "this is all your money".
In the B-class 2, 112 games were played, and beetz came up with the idea that a team that has failed to appear three times in a row is automatically disqualified. This was true of DJK willersdorf II, but they had promised that this would not happen again. The vfb forchheim II had drawn the consequences of its own accord and had deregistered from the game.
Manfred kressner spoke about the kreisklasse 3, where the match between spvgg muggendorf and FC thuisbrunn had to be stopped shortly before the end at a score of 4:1. Because the match could not be completed properly, it has to be replayed.
Also the chairman of the referee group erlangen, christian klein, appealed to address emerging problems and solve them together. The shortage of referees is so severe that some of the impartial referees have had to do double duty on weekends. In addition, the excessive criticism of the referees should be held back: "this has long become intolerable."
In his statistics, max habermann made it clear that his critical remarks are not without risk. Penalties of 2690 euros were incurred for passport issues and 1120 euros for missing results reports. Four matches had to be abandoned because of violence against the impartial players, threats, riots, and in two other cases there were riots. 48 games were scored X:0, resulting in 2750 euros in penalties and another 960 euros in fees.


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