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Old tin meets fine lace


Apr 24, 2023
Old tin meets fine lace

Hildegard wirth from kirchlauter gladly accepted the free lesson in lace-making offered to her by elisabeth gareis in the lace museum. As a co-driver in the 1997 opel corsa she visited the 11. Oberfranken classic outing of the ludwigsstadter oldtimerfreunde the well-known nordhalben institution. With her 53 other guests, who had come in about 40 old two- and four-wheeled rides under the direction of enrico hoppe from reichenbach across the upper frankenwald into the kloppelgemeinde.

After a cinematic introduction, they got to know the international lace collection and the historical local museum under the guidance of martina simon. And they were amazed at the treasures from many countries and several centuries that were on display.

"We didn’t know that there are so many beautiful things here with us", said an elderly visitor. But she was no stranger to the tips. "I know the wedding dress, it was made by a woman from our village, she taught herself to beat", she told.

But the foreign visitors were also impressed by the small german-german border collection in the entrance to the local museum and the local exhibits. Life at the beginning of the 20th century is shown there. The first century of the 20th century, which marks the beginning of the industrial age. Cigars, slates and pens were products that used to generate income.

While the guests were looking at the exhibitions in the kloppel school complex, despite the rain there were also some zaungasts who inspected the oldtimers on roseninselplatz and on the parking lot at nordwald-markt.


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