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No retail trade in the commercial area


May 30, 2023
No retail trade in the commercial area

It could have been a long meeting of the city council in marktsteft on thursday evening with many resolutions. Thanks to a "trick it was a short meeting – also with many resolutions. At the end of which was the resolution for the 6. Amendment of the land use plan, with which, if this change of plan is approved, the development plan for the new commercial area on marktbreiter strabe will also become legally effective.

In total, the councils had to deal with almost 30 pages of concerns and suggestions from public authorities and private individuals, as well as the proposals of the engineering office. Since all the documents had already been sent to the council members with the invitation to the meeting, the administration and the mayor assumed that the council members had familiarized themselves with the material. This meant that there was no need to read out the entire document, but the individual contributions had to be voted on separately.

Opinion from kitzingen caused head-scratching

Since there were no questions from the council on any of the points and thus no changes to the paper, the corresponding resolutions were passed to stop the procedure. A decision taken in advance by the council to exclude retail businesses in the tissue area had been important. The opinion of the city of kitzingen, whose administrative and building committee had unanimously rejected the project, caused some head-scratching among the council members – but without giving any reasons for this.

As mayor thomas reichert announced, the work for pressing the supply lines for the new commercial area through the state road will begin in the coming weeks.

Resin ban at handball games is not respected

In the next meeting, the council will have to deal with a problem in the sports hall. There is an absolute ban on resin for the handball games, but this is not respected. Since the cleaning staff of the hall protested against it, reichert had asked the clubs to clean the hall floor from the sticky mass, which was done.

Now the rates are to discuss the resin ban again; if necessary, the clubs would have to be charged for the cleaning.


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