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New fire truck for three towns


May 18, 2023
New fire truck for three towns

Three villages are happy about a new fire engine – dippach, monchsambach and wolfsbach. "According to the new fire department concept of the market burgebrach, according to which a total of about 500 million euros will be invested in the equipment of the local fire departments.000 euros are to be invested, it is now the turn of the monchsambach-dippach-wolfsbach fire department", said first mayor georg bogensperger at the formal blessing ceremony.

The new portable fire engine is equipped, among other things, with a new pump and two breathing apparatuses. After deduction of the state funds in the amount of 21.500 euros remain with the market burgebrach residual costs in the amount of 62.000 euro. In the meantime, a new fire station in monchsambach is being considered as part of a small village renewal project. Mayor bogensperger thanked the 60 active firefighters for their voluntary service to protect the citizens, also on behalf of the district of bamberg.

Before, pastor bernhard friedmann pointed out in his service in the marquee, that not only the equipment is important, but also the power of heaven is always needed. The brass band of monchherrnsdorf provided the musical accompaniment for the service and the subsequent celebration, which was attended by the many neighboring fire departments with uniformed members and their flag delegations.


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