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Nba star schroder before wm: “everything is going well right now”


Apr 28, 2023
Nba star schroder before wm: 'everything is going well right now'

Dennis schroder could hardly be happier. "It is the best feeling ever. The best I’ve ever felt," says the star of the german national basketball team when he talks about his new life as a husband and father.

Only a few days ago, the 25-year-old married his girlfriend ellen, and their son was born in february. Everything is going well for him," says the NBA pro of the oklahoma city thunder. But this summer, everything is set to get a little bit better: "the world cup is coming up, and we definitely want to be successful as a team."

When national trainer henrik rodl is on 1. August in hamburg’s city hall his preliminary lineup for the tournament in china (31. August to 15. September), schroder doesn’t have to worry about his place in the squad. "We have a very, very good relationship and talk a lot," schroder says about rodl. This communication is also necessary, because the native of braunschweig is supposed to lead the team in china and preferably directly to the qualification for the 2020 olympics in tokyo.

"We have many, many talented players who are just coming up. I can only be happy and I will always be with the national team," promises schroder. He also has a burden to carry, but that’s a positive thing. "He’ll do it right, and i think he’ll play a great world championship for us," says basketball icon dirk nowitzki. In the DBB selection, schroder is the successor of the 41-year-old, who resigned from the national team in 2015 and has now ended his career with the dallas mavericks.

He is very much looking forward to the summer with the national team, said schroder on the weekend at an appointment of his ausruster nike in berlin. There he patiently gave the youngsters tips for their own careers, took photos and signed autographs. Around his neck sparkled a diamond necklace with his jerk number 17 as a pendant. A luxury watch on his arm, more sparkling stones in his eye-catching earrings and tattoos all over his body. Schroder continues to be eccentric on the outside, but he seems to have matured on the inside.

This also becomes clear when he talks about his private life. At the birth of dennis malick junior, he was there for "14, 15 hours. That was the hammer. You have to feel that. His wedding in braunschweig was "crazy". Family, friends – everyone came. We had a really good party," schroder enthuses. Recently he also loved to tattoo portraits of his family members on his skin.

While everything is going according to plan in germany, schroder seems to be a little worried about the situation at his club in oklahoma city. After the departures of superstars russell westbrook and paul george, he expects a completely new situation for the thunders in the coming season. "I wish you all the best, but oklahoma will definitely be different next year. If it stays like this, I’ll have to take on more responsibility," says the 25-year-old.

Autumn sees schroder begin his seventh season in the world’s strongest league. And even though it’s still unclear what the face of OKC’s NBA team will look like at all, he remains optimistic: "no matter what, I’ll be ready and I’ll work hard for that. I will always do this."Also before in china.


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