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Musical surprises on the mountain


Jun 26, 2023
Musical surprises on the mountain

"Where do the tones come from?", some of the visitors might have thought at the beginning, because already the beginning of the concert brought the first surprise: the brass ensemble loved the "intrada nr. 8" by johann christoph pezelius directly from the rock formations above the stage.

The real "stage work began with the performance of the orchestra. Under the direction of barbara baumann, the young musicians gave an impressive insight into the work of claude debussy. The school choir came up with an unexpected choreography. On the stage and in the surrounding forest stucco scattered in small groups and matching the song "im frischen grunen wald", the young people performed this piece by carl maria von weber. With unbelievable enthusiasm the 550 visitors went with.
The tenth-grade work group put on a daring performance of "clapping music" by steve reich. As the title says, the composition consists only of rhythmic clapping.

In contrast, maximilian hofmann played his styrian accordion at several performances before and after the intermission, playing traditional tunes such as "im grunen wald" and "in the frankenwald" responsible for the popular note of the evening. As he "the stars in the sky" when I played, the audience clapped as enthusiastically as they applauded afterwards. The 17-year-old, who started playing the harmonica at the age of three and took up the piano for the first time at the age of seven, has musicality and certain solo entertainment skills in his blood.

Styrian lay in the attic
"Eight years ago, at my grandmother's birthday party, i discovered a styrian accordion in the attic that my grandfather had bought at a craft fair but had never played", betrayal of the out wachholder (municipality of mainleus) school children. As a result, he taught himself to play and has already had successful appearances at pub singings, among others. "But I was very tense today, because I have never played in front of so many people. But i knew that if the first song worked, it would", maximilian admitted his nervousness. The response of the audience proved: it worked out great.

The guitar ensemble under the direction of eddie hurdler provided a melodious conclusion to the first part of the concert. The instrumentalists love to share the suite "pirates of the caribbean" with the audience by klaus badelt and hans zimmer.

After the break, the women's choir, accompanied by stefan axtner on the piano, and the men's choir presented imaginative performances. But also the symphony orchestra, a vocal ensemble and groups, which already performed in the first part, all showed themselves in a good playing mood.


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