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Muse-sanger Matt Bellamy got married


Apr 12, 2023
Muse-sanger matt bellamy got married

All good things come in threes: muse-sanger matt bellamy (41) married u.S. Model elle evans (29) at the weekend. "Mr. & Mrs. Bellamy," he wrote on sunday (local time) to a wedding photo on instagram. This is the rocksanger’s first wedding, but he has been engaged twice before.

After more than four years together, bellamy had separated from american actress kate hudson (40, "almost famous") in 2014. The two have a son together. He was previously in a relationship with an italian psychologist, which ended in 2009.

The british had already announced his wedding last november, when his band ("undisclosed desires") released their eighth album "simulation theory. "It’s the last record i’ll release as a bachelor. Next year I will get married," bellamy told the german press agency at the time.

According to US media reports, the wedding took place on saturday in miami. Photos show the rocker in a light suit, his wife in a white dress.


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