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Moths: three ladies were in charge


Jun 8, 2023
Moths: three ladies were in charge

Three women at the top of local politics: she had almost been waiting for a press inquiry, says ute becker (WG motten) dryly. "If there were three manners, no one would look for them." She has been a member of the town council for 24 years, and has been volunteering for the tasks of the 2. Mayor. Since may, the full-time head of the town has also been a woman for the first time.

"It really is a man’s world, tells katja habersack (no party affiliation). She and thundorf mayor judith dekant (WGR) are the only two women among the 26 mayors in the district. "But does that bother you?", asks becker. "I’m not new to management", answers this. She already knows that there are usually more men than women on the upper floors.

Before the people of motten elected the 44-year-old to the town council, habersack was head of the fulda foreigners department. There she had 30 employees under her. In motten there are eleven. Short lines of communication and the ability to get stuck in are the main differences from her previous job, she says. "That makes a lot of things so tangible, so immediate. Things are getting a face."

To go out of the meeting in silence

The youngest of the group is lena bohm ( ko-mo-sp). When she was asked to run for municipal council, she was in her mid-20s. She agreed and the citizens elected her to the municipal council. "That took me completely by surprise", she says. Bohm served as the community’s youth representative for six years.

Today, the 31-year-old has a one-and-a-half-year-old son and works part-time for the district of fulda as a social pedagogue. Since may she is 3. Mayor. "Without my husband and my parents it would not work so well", she says. The mayor at that time had reacted obligingly when she had just become a mother. For example, she was able to leave the meetings when the child had to be breastfed.

She also finds a lot of understanding when she makes arrangements with the other mayors: "they say to me, ‘make a suggestion for a meeting. For you it is most difficult." And so the motten triumvirate comes to an arrangement. She has not yet had any reservations about being mayor because she is a woman, says habersack. Neither in the administration nor among the burghers.

Not a question of gender

Only once was she asked whether she now employed a cleaning lady, says habersack. "No one has ever asked jochen anything like that." Her predecessor is married. The current mayor does not have a life partner. When becker started to get involved in local politics, the clocks in the country were still ticking differently in many places.

A new era has dawned in motte, now that a woman is leading the municipality? "Actually not", answers the 2. Mayor. "With jochen vogel, that was a different time. It was a completely different style of leadership, a completely different communication.", she looks back. The newcomer to politics displayed a modern understanding of office at the time. The three women now continued this tradition.

For habersack the gender does not play the most important role anyway. "Not one man or woman can do anything better or worse", she says with conviction. "When the perspectives of men and women are balanced, it always enriches a discussion." The young 3. Mayor adds that it can’t just be about more women getting involved in local politics. "What I would also like to see is more young people getting involved", says bohm. Whether woman or man.

26 municipalities belong to the district of bad kissingen. Only in two of them female mayors were in charge of the affairs of the office.


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