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Memmelsdorf has to cope with two retirements


Jun 9, 2023

It starts again in the volleyball regional league sud-east: on saturday the men of the SC memmelsdorf auswarts have their sporty new year start at the SV schwaig II.

The central franconians are in 5th place with 14 points. A success would help the memmelsdorfer to get some air in the table cellar. SC currently in eighth place with eight points and thus in the relegation zone.

Defeat in the first half of the season

In the first round memmelsdorf had lost the duel with 0:3. However, the match was much more exciting than the clear result suggests. In the meantime, the team has become more consistent and has worked on its own weaknesses. Increased focus placed on receiving, avoiding unnecessary mistakes and greater efficiency on serve. "My goal is to improve our direct point rate in the attack with a better reception, while at the same time increasing the service risk, or through the use of tactically placed serves", says SCM coach michael werner.

The memmelsdorf team will have to do without attacker zhenya nesterov and middle blocker hannes breuninger for the start of the new year. The latter will probably have to sit out a few more games due to injury.

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