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Ingrid dusolt and the volkach fdp go their separate ways


May 29, 2023
Ingrid dusolt and the volkach fdp go their separate ways

The volkach branch of the FDP has not even had its first birthday, but is already one board member poorer. Volkach city councilor ingrid dusolt was also present at the founders’ meeting in april 2018, and liked to be elected as the party’s chairwoman. But this short episode is already over. They parted ways by mutual agreement, confirms deputy chairman christian heinle when asked. Chairwoman astrid jung is currently traveling abroad on business.

Heinle leads "different political views" that led to dusolt’s resignation. This is confirmed by the non-factional city councilor, whose political home until april 2014 was the volkach burgerliste: "quite honestly, the rough liberal politics were not mine." They are still friends, but have different goals, says dusolt, explaining her departure from the local association.

Dusolt is still a party member of the FDP

Dusolt also announced her membership in the FDP. The corresponding letter was received by the party at the end of february, as heinle confirms. She simply wants to set other priorities in volkach in the future, says dusolt.

According to christian heinle, the 15-member paying local association wants to elect a new chairman by mid april in order to complete the board of directors again. For it however already people had announced themselves.


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