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Hurricane “ianos”: one dead and severe damage


Jun 15, 2023
Hurricane 'ianos': one dead and severe damage

Whirlwind "ianos" and another storm low over the north aegis caused severe damage in large parts of greece on saturday night.

A woman and a man were killed and another woman was missing in central greece. Many could not leave their homes due to flooding, the fire department announced on saturday morning. More than 600 people have been rescued from apartments or otherwise saved by rescue workers. Due to damage to the railroad line, the train connection athens – thessaloniki was interrupted.

Pictures and videos in social media and in greek media show the trace of the devastation: fallen trees and power poles, cars washed away, sailboats that were spooled ashore by wind and waves or immediately sunk in the harbor. In many places, roads are under water. During saturday, "ianos" passes the western coast of the island of crete, while it remains stormy in the northern aegis.

A medicane like "ianos" is a storm low that can form towards the end of the summer in the mediterranean when the water there still has high temperatures. As soon as the storm reaches land, it loses its intensity – but in this case "ianos" moved along the west coast of greece towards the south. Greece has been hit harder by storms and heavy rains in recent years, often causing injuries and deaths.

Old greeks assure that such heavy storms did not exist in this regularity in former times. "I was up to my hooves in water," an 86-year-old woman told tv station skai in the hard-hit town of karditsa. "We had storms in the past, too, but never this strong."


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