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Hot tires at monster truck show in lichtenfels


Jun 14, 2023
Hot tires at monster truck show in lichtenfels

Adriano caime gets out of his battered car. "Is this at a funeral?", he asks the conferencier. He, master of ceremonies for engine, smoke and smoke, does not let it stand like that: he asks the audience for more applause, and a little later three young ladies are sitting again in a discarded BMW and let daredevil things happen to them.

It is not surprising that a vehicle weighing 8.5 tons and equipped with 480 horsepower can flatten a car as soon as it drives over it. And it did not surprise tina baum and her sister sylvia baum. "What else could happen?", the two women from lichtenfels summed up what they had seen. The two women were two people in an audience of about 120 people.

Adriano caime is 25 years old, italian. Its season lasts from the beginning of april to the end of september. In austria, germany, the netherlands and france he is on the road with the italo hell drivers to amaze spectators. While the spectators stand in line in front of the box office, he begins to rattle off some data: four BMW show cars, two to four junk cars, the heaviest big foot (monster truck) in europe, freestyle monster jumps with motorcycle over cars and people, 15 employees…

He is briefly surprised when he is asked to give information about himself. How many breaks he has already suffered? At what age he first gave gas?

The young man turns around and is happy to provide information. For a moment, it seems as if he is a little surprised by the interest in the personal. He has already broken his shoulder, and at the age of ten he loves to accelerate for the first time. His brother, however, was only eight years old. During the program adriano will drive a monster truck over discarded bmws, accelerate with cars on a short distance and then make a 180 degree turn. Also he will pull a colleague through a wall of fire.

His driving style here, he assures us, is very different from driving on the highway. "You don't even want to accelerate anymore, because you're already letting off steam on the cars here."

With faith in god
Jenny Schmidt is more than satisfied. She is well entertained. "A motor sports enthusiast himself, she is, says the young lichtenfelser. A "really cool feeling she has just experienced doing the 180 degree turns. They watch open-mouthed as a motorcyclist takes off through a ramp and flies over three cars. She does not question the meaning behind the big foot that drives over cars. It is already when roofs break in and windows crack. "I would recommend it", she says about the overall concept of the show. A little later she sits in the car again as a volunteer, this time in an inclined position on only two tires, and with faith in god.

Leroy renz also has one. Maybe he has to have it with his profession. The kneecap was cracked a long time ago, the scars of an operation can be seen not far from the wrist, a car window cut his arm. That's because his parade discipline is to cling to the roof of a moving car and not to be shaken off despite all kinds of steering movements. "It's like riding a bike for me, he explains after the show.

But he does have one ritual: "I do the sign of the cross, he says and looks to the sky. The audience is already gone, a new one is waiting in a week in sonneberg. Showman's life. Every now and then leroy finds some enrichment in a television engagement. He has been booked several times as a stuntman for the series cobra 11.


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