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Horror after racism incidents in sofia


Jun 23, 2023
horror after racism incidents in sofia

Greg clarke, chairman of the FA, called the incident "one of the most horrific nights i’ve ever seen in fubball." Immediately the FA demanded investigations by the european football union UEFA.

Coach gareth southgate was concerned after the match in sofia despite the clear victory. "We know this is an unacceptable situation, but i think we managed to make two statements: by winning the game, but also by making everyone aware of the situation when the game was stopped twice."

The game was interrupted twice in the first half because of racist riots by bulgarian fans, several times the hitlergrub was shown on the tribune by local spectators. Debutant tyrone mings complained several times to croatian referee ivan bebek during his country debut that his team danger rahim steerling was discredited by the tribune with monkey noises every time he touched the ball. The insults were "pretty clear to hear on the pitch, but we showed a rough reaction and a rough interaction, and in the end we let the fubball do the talking," said mings.

The stadium announcer warned of the cancellation of the game after the referee’s request. "The unfortunate incidents in the game have been dealt with as best as possible and we are proud of how we have handled them," tweeted the 26-year-old mings of aston villa. "We all made the decision. We are happy to have returned to the pitch," he said.


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