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Hardly any positive signals: fifa reform remains a stumbling block


Apr 5, 2023
Hardly any positive signals: fifa reform remains a stumbling block

There will be no external integrity check, no independent personalities in the inner circle, and the introduction of a term limit and/or age limit for FIFA’s top officials is more than uncertain.

FIFA boss josef blatter’s two-day executive committee meeting, sold as a success, confirmed the fears of FIFA’s critics and gave little hope for a radical overhaul of the world governing body. "Ultimately, the remaining points of our rough reform list are included, although perhaps not in the form that some had hoped for," even blatter conceded.

The executive committee met for more than eight hours in zurich on wednesday and thursday to pave the way for the adoption by the fifa congress on 30 and 30 june of the reform initiated two years ago in the wake of the corruption scandal./31. May to put on mauritius. But ex-FIFA president theo zwanziger did not have many encouraging results to announce as head of the FIFA statutes committee.

On the contrary, the decision on a possible limitation of the term of office of the president as well as the age of the members of the executive was delegated to the congress without recommendation. "The opinions in the confederations diverge widely. Some say yes, others reject it completely. That’s why the congress will decide. The outcome is open," explained zwanziger.

He finds nothing objectionable in the fact that the integrity of the executive members is to be checked by their own confederations – and not by external personalities, for whom the door to FIFA’s inner circle of power remains closed.

Zwanziger stressed that he did not agree with chief controller mark pieth, who had advocated the inclusion of independent persons on FIFA committees. "Then they would lose their independence. They should observe from a distance," explained zwanziger, underpinning his view with a reference to german politics: "the chancellor would also refuse to put the president of the court of auditors and the chief justice of the constitutional court in her cabinet."

However, this is one of the "very few points that we have not fulfilled," emphasized zwanziger. He described FIFA’s statutes as "modern and meaningful" and expressed his hope that "the associations will go along with it and bring the reform process to an end.

The final report of the ethics committee on the ISL/ISMM affair, in which millions were paid to high-ranking FIFA officials, is still awaited. This from michael J. Garcia, the chairman of the investigatory chamber, is currently undergoing a legal review by hans-joachim eckert, the head of the adjudicatory chamber. "Up to the 15. April, the executive committee and the public will be informed," blatter announced.

At least the powerful executive was prepared to make small concessions. The FIFA congress is to decide on the awarding of the world championships in the future following the massive criticism of the choice of qatar for 2022. However, the executive committee, which had previously decided on the organizer, reserved the right to preselect and reduce the number of applicants to a maximum of three.


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