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Girls take over the reins


Apr 15, 2023
girls take over the reins

"We helped to bring out the old furniture and to clean it", reports rebecca. Her friend jana adds: "and we helped come up with the decoration." For a good two months, some girls in gremsdorf have been working intensively to refurbish the community-owned room and former youth center in bechhofer strabe. A few days ago, they opened their new "girls' meeting place" officially in operation.
In the future, this will be led by inga-christin groppe and anja junggunst. The new meeting "with each other is nominated by the hochstadt rotary club for its youth engagement award.

The girls, their first guests and gremsdorf's mayor waldemar kleetz (CSU) are thrilled with the results of the renovation work. For weeks, the room was tinkered with, cleaned and refurnished. While the front part presents itself in a discreet sandy color, the back part with a counter and a small music system in a powerful red color is impressive. A "photo tree is to be filled with memories bit by bit. For example, creative and game afternoons or DVD evenings are planned. The target group is ten- to 14-year-olds, but exclusively girls. "This is the age group we know in the village", says inga-christin groppe.

The new meeting place is supported by the project "join in – get fit" of the SC gremsdorf, in which the 20-year-old is also involved. In addition, the hochstadter youth welfare worker julia weiland and gudrun boss from the rotary club will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Two of the girls are currently training to be babysitters and will provide their services in cooperation with "mach mit – werde fit" then also make it available.
"The idea had been around for a long time,", tells inga-christin groppe about the girls' club and adds: "we are very proud of what we have achieved." They had to do a lot of convincing with mayor kleetz. Because the latter had closed the youth club only about half a year ago due to untenable conditions: "i was sure that i would never open a club again. Complaints came from residents." The police often stood in front of the door. Older youths, especially boys, had taken over the meeting place and caused trouble in the street by revving up their engines. The room fell into disrepair.

Community stands behind it

But with the SC gremsdorf behind them, the girls and their concept were able to change the mind of the mayor, who also made money available. "I am very enthusiastic about "join in – get fit", praises kleetz. At the opening of the meeting, he wished the girls a lot of fun: "the community will be fully behind it, if there are no utopian demands." Project sponsor gudrun boss was also pleased with the start: "i think it's great that there's a place for girls to talk, do handicrafts and chill out. And it's great that so many people have come together to set up something like this."

Two to three times a week the meeting is to be opened in the future, but the times are not yet exactly fixed. Rebecca and jana already know that they want to make good use of the new offer. And both of them can imagine "that we will also bring our girlfriends along."


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