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Franconian switzerland: rangen became “himmelsheim” in the film


Apr 8, 2023
franconian switzerland: rangen became

Hans stadelmann never thought it would become a movie. "Often a scene was filmed all day long, which was then shown for five seconds in the film", says stadelmann. He was able to complete the filming of the movie "himmelsheim" not only witnessed live, but shared his house with the film crew for half a year from march to september 1988.

A year before filming began, a man was running around in stadelmann's meadow. Stadelmann was quite surprised, however, when the man introduced himself as manfred stelzer. The well-known director, under whom "the super jam" was made, several "crime scenes or "polizeiruf-110-the broadcaster was looking for a suitable location for his comedy "himmelsheim", based on the book by fitzgerald kusz.

Idyllically situated

Rangen, the small village belonging to the town of grafenberg, lies idyllically surrounded by woods, seemingly old-fashioned and backwoods. Simply fitting for the plot of the film. But the idyllic location is about to come to an end.

The federal railroad wants to build a fast line for its line from hanover to wurzburg and that through the middle of "himmelsheim". The villagers, who like to bicker and fight, think that's not right. But the plot of the film is not so clear-cut. "Himmelsheim" has become a familiar word for the stadelmanns, always mentioned when a strange-looking film is on television or the meaning of something is not immediately obvious.

"After shooting half of the film, they ran out of money", stadelmann explains why several scenes were stretched out and – when money was available again – other scenes were shot than had been planned. It was an interesting experience for the stadelmanns.

Life in the granny annexe

They lived in the granny apartment while the rest of the house was being filmed. The bars that the film crew put up in front of the windows are still there today as a reminder of the filming days. In the house of the stadelmanns lived the district administrator, played by hans nekolla, the father of the current grafenberg mayor hans-jurgen nekolla (SPD). "He was even allowed to say a few sentences in the film", female nekolla junior.

Hans stadelmann was also involved. There should be a duck running around in the film. When the truck arrived, stadelmann had to carry the duck there and set it down on the ground. Stadelmann was also allowed to play a truck driver. Tons of red earth were distributed for the film, which was specially brought from kassel. There was nothing left of the paved road, only this red dirt. "I had to clean every day, says stadelmann's wife karin.

The dirt remains

But the dirt did not come out even after the shooting was over. The stadelmanns had already received compensation, but the work was left to them. "At some point, I got so fed up with the red dirt that I shoveled it away", betrayal stadelmann. The next day he had to go back for it.

His wife had once hung other wash on the leash. "I had to hang up exactly the same pieces of clothing again", says stadelmann. The family could hardly move freely during the time. Only when the way was clear, stadelmann could bring fresh grass to his cows.

Film center in kasberg

In the evenings, when filming was not in progress, the film crew sat together. The film center, from which everything was organized, was housed in the former children's home in neighboring kasberg. The actors and the film team spent the night at the gasthof hotzelein in regensberg.

To the film people one had despite everything a good relationship. Elke sommer and manfred stelzer were "in a good mood". With the other actors like sigi zimmerschied, known from "tatort, or with hanns zischler, the family had less contact. Stage manager hans sandmeier played with the stadelmanns' children and came up with a "grub gott" even years after the film was shot passing in rangen. Manfred stelzer also took another look around.

There was one tragic event: "a cameraman had a heart attack during a walk in the off-time and died", reports stadelmann. Until the crew had replacements, they paused. A total of six buildings in rangen were needed for filming. The stadelmann family's other half-timbered house burned down a year after filming began.

Premiere 1989

For the premiere on 2. March 1989 the rangeners were invited. And they got a copy of the film. To the 30. Anniversary the rangener want to arrange a village celebration with the film presentation of "himmelsheim. That wrestled behind the name "himmelsheim was never disclosed at that time. They wanted to avoid a crowd of visitors during the shootout.


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