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For a one-way system


May 3, 2023

"When it takes a long time again…" This is the slogan used to advertise a candy bar that is supposed to make waiting times shorter. With this, the CSU in habfurt, together with mayoral candidate volker ortloff and his team, drew attention to the sometimes difficult traffic situation in the city center over the weekend and offered a new concept.

Who hasn’t had to wait a long time for a left turn on bruckenstrabe when coming from knetzgau or had to stand for a long time because of oncoming traffic due to parking in the second row??

The CSU’s new traffic concept would turn the entire main street from the lower tower to the upper tower into a one-way street and close the ring via bahnhofstrabe and the promenade. Also a crosswalk for safe crossing of the streets in habfurt is not visible, the party argues. When volker ortloff visited habfurt a week ago with a representative of the police, even the expert could see no reason for it. "I support an improved traffic routing especially in the city center of habfurt. This should give lane improvements to fub, bike and car traffic. A ring road can create more space for bicycles. Left turns are reduced and more attention can be paid to pedestrians", volker ortloff emphasized in a conversation with the drivers, who also received a proposal for a solution and a chocolate bar in their hands.

Less traffic also protects the environment through lower carbon dioxide consumption, it says. According to the CSU, habfurt should become more attractive for all road users. Tourists should be guided by sensible signposting to where they could take a break in the city center. With the idea of the "smart city even driving in habfurt was made easier for all road users through digitalized assistance (keyword: parking guidance system).

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