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Fine after drink-drive


May 15, 2023

In a drunken stupor, a 48-year-old father from the main valley pleaded with judge ilona conver at the district court in habfurt not to put him in jail for drunken driving. "I can’t live without my little son", he said in a tear-stained voice. "The prison is ruining my life", he added.

The chairwoman did him the favor. It did not follow the request of the prosecutor, who had demanded a four-month prison sentence without probation, but left it at a hefty fine of 140 daily rates at ten euros for the hartz IV recipient. He thanked the court for the lenient sentence – knowing full well that it could have turned out differently. Because there are already 29 previous convictions in the criminal record of the accused. They are pulling right through the penal code.

As a 15-year-old, he started his criminal career with a theft. This was followed by bodily injury, burglary, drug-related offenses, and also nine serious traffic offenses. He had to give up his driver’s license a long time ago, and he had already been in jail.

1.28 per mille alcohol

This, however, did not stop him from going to the airport on the evening of 5 pm. March this year again without a driver’s license, but with 1.28 per mille alcohol, behind the wheel. After a family celebration, the adult son was supposed to be driving. But he – like his father – was also drunk.

So the accused took the steering wheel in his hand and drove with wife, son and a girl against 22.15 o’clock in the evening between coburg and hofheim on the B 303 in the direction of schweinfurt. In the process, he attracted the attention of a driver behind him, as he was driving in a serpentine fashion at around 70 kilometers per hour, veering into the shoulder several times and almost colliding with two oncoming vehicles.

In addition, the defendant had braked sharply for no reason, so that he also had to brake sharply, the witness described in court. He therefore notified the police by cell phone, who immediately sent out a patrol, which positioned itself at the hofheim exit and did not have to wait long for the drink-driver. The officers pursued the defendant for a short time, only to stop him and end the family outing.

Fine and driving ban

In addition to the fine, the court imposed a two-year driving ban and a three-month driving ban. But that did not bother the accused. "I don’t have a vehicle at home anymore anyway", he loved to know the court and fell in love with the promise "nothing more will happen" relieved the courtroom in habfurt.

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