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Filling sandbags at turbo speed


May 23, 2023

In order to be well prepared for future heavy rains and floods, the market town of schwarzach is purchasing a sandbag filling system. The system can fill 4500 sandbags per hour in a very short time. At their final meeting of the year on tuesday in the arche meeting house, the members of the municipal council unanimously approved the investment, which will cost just under 16,000 euros. The equipment is also suitable for wet sand.

According to mayor volker schmitt, there were several debriefings after the terrible floods in july, at which the procurement of a sandbag filling system was considered sensible. The full plant is operated either by means of a tractor or an electric drive with a 15 hp motor. According to schmitt, there are only a handful of companies in germany that manufacture and offer such systems.

Since rapid deployment and also practical operation are important in a disaster situation, the community leader suggested selecting a two-track drive for this purpose. Since the combination of cardan shaft/strong current is only offered by the company konig innovationstechnik gmbh from saaldorf/surheim (upper bavaria), the company was awarded the contract. The funding for the "power-sandking 800 turbo" will be included in the 2022 budget.

The supra-local audit of the annual accounts from 2018 to 2020 by the district office of kitzingen did not give rise to any objections. The inspectors from the district authority attested to the "precise and reliable" work of the market administration work. Your conclusion: the good preparation of the audit documents facilitated the effective and fast audit.

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