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“Don’t look for culprits”


Apr 10, 2023

On the one hand, exhibitions in the city archives and in the "rehawe" workshop of the lebenshilfe bamberg to keep alive the memory of the victims of the nazi medical crimes, on the other hand current ethical questions in dealing with
children. In an interview with our newspaper, mechthildis bocksch, deputy chairwoman of the willy aron society, sheds light on the series of events.

What prompted the willy aron society to make the crimes committed against children during the nazi era the subject of a series of events??
Mechthildis bocksch: since 2003, the willy aaron society has been committed to preserving the memory of the people who fell victim to the nazi regime and to paying tribute to their suffering. To these people always paid children. Since 2016 thanks to the memorial for resistance and civil courage to those who were prepared to do what was politically and humanly necessary in an "almost hopeless situation" by resisting the "brown tide resisted. The children of these brave people suffered a lot and even after 1945 had to experience contempt, exclusion, shaming and indifference. The view of the children, who were considered "unworthy of life and unwanted" during the nazi era, was therefore very important had been explained, obvious.
Because this memory is painful, we have decided to organize a series of events and to draw a bow to the present. We tell and reflect on history and stories. We would like to bring these into the public consciousness.

Did bambergers share the guilt for these crimes??
We do not look for culprits. We ask: what was it 100 years ago that caused people to become so desolidarized that german society was able to silence itself in this merciless way during the nazi era?? How was it possible for people to forcibly sterilize the children entrusted to them, to subject them to "consumptive research"? The research was conducted in a manner in which death was already part of the research design, or in which they were treated under the pretext of "release from their suffering" dead?
Why society needed children? What image of humanity and what ethical considerations guided their actions?? In the accompanying program, these questions are also taken up for the present.
Where do you see tendencies of exclusion and disregard for people with disabilities today??
People wanted to be as "normal" as possible at any age how possible life. They want to be recognized, to experience protection and belonging, and to be able to maintain their integrity. If these basic needs are not taken into account in our dealings with each other or structurally, then people are excluded and disregarded on a daily basis without this being properly perceived. Unfortunately, this is "tolerated" by our state. During the nazi era, the state itself disregarded and marginalized people. Exhibiting the history of lebenshilfe shows what positive things have been achieved. On the other hand, exclusion, disregard, ruthlessness, humiliation, harshness, violence and shaming have a long social tradition. The question remains: how do we deal with each other?? How can we succeed in dealing with diversity and vulnerability in such a way that we respect the human being and grow together??


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