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Demonstration: wiesentheid stands up against the salad factory


Jun 16, 2023
Demonstration: wiesentheid stands up against the salad factory

Under the motto "our homeland is close to our hearts – stand up and set a sign against the lettuce factory" on thursday evening, about 500 people took to the streets in wiesentheid to show their gross skepticism, displeasure, incomprehension and last but not least their unequivocal rejection of the planned industrial lettuce farming in wiesentheid.

Led by the two event leaders and founders of the action alliance, michael ruckel (burgerblock) and frank hufnagel (grune), the protest march "stop the salad factory" started from the wiesentheid sports center, exactly in the area of wiesentheid that the dutch investor is currently considering for his project. With slogans, whistles, drums, horns, banners and even several tractors, the opponents of the salad factory loudly drew attention to themselves and their stance as they marched to the castle square. They repeatedly encouraged the spectators at the edge of the road not just to stand idly by, but to join the ranks and demonstrate for their home in wiesentheid and for the preservation of their homeland and nature.

Opponents of lettuce farming appeal to the conscience of the landowner

The preservation of the homeland, the preservation of the local image and the rough concern about the water needs of the lettuce plant were the main points in the numerous speeches during the subsequent customer rally on the castle square. Michael ruckel made a specific appeal to the landowner, paul graf von schonborn, and to the dutch businessman to refrain from the sale and from the plans, because the people of wiesentheide simply don’t want it. They showed this today by going out onto the streets, said ruckel. Furthermore, the house of schonborn, which has been closely associated with the town of wiesentheid for many centuries, could not act so irresponsibly, ignoring the concerns of many wiesentheiders, ruckel said.

The fact that the concerns surrounding the lettuce factory are not only local and regional, but have broader dimensions, was shown by the participation of numerous lettuce and vegetable farmers from the kitzingen region and from knoblauchsland in central franconia, such as heinz wenkheimer from albertshof or jochen haubner from nurnberg, in the protest march. These fear simply for their existence, should soon zigtausend salatkopfe daily in wiesentheid be harvested. Grunen-landtagsabgeordneter paul knoblach who also went to the strabe, sees in the salad factory a quite audacious, irresponsible project, to think about something like that especially in the precipitation-poor lower franconia.

CSU faction and mayor feel misquoted

Also representatives of the in his opinion as alleged political supporter of the planned salad factory, and thus as apparent opponents of the action alliance after several times wrongly quoted CSU local association with their allies including mayor werner knaier participated in the protest march. Knaier faced critical questions from the protest movement, but continues to hope for clarification of his position.

Local councillor walter rosentritt (reupelsdorf electoral community) confirmed: we are all pulling in the same direction, no one is really happy about the planned settlement of the dutch investors. Unfortunately, the attitude of his group is often misrepresented. Still, the action alliance’s prevention tactics are not working. The decision for a concentration area for wax houses in the direction of reupelsdorf for such wax houses is in his eyes the only legal possibility to control and maybe prevent the project. He expresses his displeasure at the fact that in wiesentheid itself there is such a crude antagonism and that people are deliberately stirring things up.

Clear and unambiguous, on the other hand, is the opinion of protest march participant michaela dworschak, who clearly emphasizes: "no one in wiesentheid needs this thing!"

It remains to be seen whether the protest march – the first of its kind in wiesentheid, by the way – will have a lasting effect on investors and, above all, landowners and lead to a change in thinking.


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