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Corona puts a strain on love luck: what can you do??


Apr 20, 2023
Corona puts a strain on love luck: what can you do??

Simone steiner love partners give each other a sense of security and safety, just like parents give their children. Mutual attention, contact and empathy reduce stress caused by pressure from eavesdroppers, uncertainty and fear.

Challenges for relationships

Just now there are many stress factors. The changed daily routine, worries about the job, new challenges as a substitute teacher are a burden. And the usual compensatory opportunities, such as sports in the club or meeting friends in the pub, are eliminated. If the love relationship is no longer so affectionate anyway, which can happen over the years, but parents are looking for cooperation in the joint "family project," then it’s time for a change the parties involved often have a feeling of being "next to each other" here. "He/she doesn’t see me at all anymore", we get to hear in the counseling. "We can talk about organizational matters, but when it comes to us, it gets really difficult." Couples then complain of "communication difficulties and a kind of "speechlessness.

This distance increases the potential for conflict and the risk of escalating arguments. Instead of experiencing the other person as caring, reassuring, and encouraging, he or she becomes another stressor. What can couples do to strengthen their relationship again??

What helps is to pay more attention to the other again. How to greet her/him when coming home? I am looking for eye contact? Goes a hug or a kiss? What do I perceive? I am open to the other person and have an honest interest in how he/she is doing.

Schedule time for togetherness

And satisfied couples make it "paarzeit to organize a time in which they can be attentive, attentive and undisturbed to each other. Admittedly, not easy to do, especially with small children, but still more than worth a try. They could start by having a coffee together in peace and quiet. Sometimes it’s easier to find time in the evening. Try to arrange a time when smartphone, PC and TV are off. Instead of meddling with each other, they can do things together. What they used to like to do together? And when did you look at the photos from the last vacation together, or even the wedding photos? Only courage, it lures the probability to discover again something of that, why they at that time "yes" and a feeling of security and safety could return.


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