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Congratulations, mr. Hohn!


Jun 27, 2023
congratulations, mr. hohn!

Eduard hohn celebrated 85. Birthday on saturday in kleinlangheim. As a native of kleinlangheim, he grew up on his parents' farm and in the inn "zum baren". During his school years, he already got to know hard physical work, since at that time he had to help out on the farm. "I got to know all the work, from the sense u to the binder and the threshing machine to the combine," he remembers. At the beginning of the 1950s, he met his wife brigitte (b. Pape), who comes from east prussia. 1956 was married. Three children and six grandchildren congratulated him on his birthday. Diamond wedding anniversary celebrated in 2016. In 1964 he took over the inn and the farm together with his wife, the handover to the family of son eckhard took place in 1997. But that didn't mean the jubilarian had to say goodbye to the pub: when there was a need, he helped out. Eduard hohn enjoys a high reputation in his hometown due to his great commitment to various kleinlangheim associations. He was active in the trombone choir for 40 years, he was also a horn player in the fire department, and for many years he lent his voice to the male voice choir of the choral society.

He also provided knowledge and experience to the guardian guild – he was guardian king twice – the vfl, the fruit and horticulture association, the forderkreis kirchenburg, the cyclists' association, the soldiers' comradeship, and the vdk. "He is a member and partly honorary member of all kleinlangheim associations", mayor gerlinde stier praised his commitment. Despite jolts to his health and difficult strokes of fate – a daughter died in 2013 and his wife last year – he never lost his courage to face life and his sense of humor. He still has a keen interest in everything that goes on in kleinlangheim, and he doesn't miss out on gardening with all kinds of vegetables. 


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