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Carrefour plans strategy swap


Jun 19, 2023
Carrefour plans strategy swap

For this, the group wants to reduce its workforce at its headquarters in boulognne-billancourt, with a total of 2.400 jobs to be eliminated – on a voluntary basis. At the same time, the group is planning a strategy shift, which will include the elimination of the flat hypermarkets and the numerous dia-branches.

French economy and finance minister bruno le maire said at an eu meeting in brussel that the state would be "very vigilant" about the plan. On the paris stock exchange, the new plans meet with goodwill among investors.

With the reorganization, bompard is responding to the changed shopping habits of many customers, which carrefour has had to deal with rudely in recent years in its own balance sheet. The group has now announced that it is currently battling a deep and global upheaval.

Since 2007, profits at carrefour have fallen by around two-thirds. Competition from online suppliers and specialized retailers is making life difficult for the group, as is a price war with other french supermarket rivals. Carrefour’s share of the domestic market declined, according to market researchers.

Group CEO bompard now wants to win a million new customers by 2022 by renewing the product range in france alone. Sales of organic products are expected to more than triple to 5 billion euros. But the retail giant plans to invest almost 3 billion euros in its online business over the next five years. The large hypermarkets, most of which are located on the outskirts of the city, are to be downsized in return. At the same time, 2.000 markets open with a streamlined product range in coarser cities. Carrefour also wants to reduce the number of stores once taken over by the spanish dia chain.


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