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Cabaret: “get up close and shut up”


Apr 18, 2023
Cabaret: 'get up close and shut up'

"Come very close and shut up" is the program, with which sia korthaus and ariane baumgartner on saturday, 25. January, at 8 pm the kitzingen comedy and cabaret weeks KICK open in the old synagogue. When a musician and a comedian join forces, there is no longer a matching drawer, says a press release. Is it a funny chanson program? A poetic soul evening? Cabaret music-entertainment? It is all that and more: it is authentic. Sia sings and tells of her loves. There comes in the course of time a lot together. There is a relationship aptitude test and other practical guides on how to live a private life. Ariane composes, sings, plays the piano, bongos and tin whistle, and likes to drink guinness. All with enthusiasm and great talent. Both love whisky. Both have been successful in the business for many years, whether as soloists or in other joint projects. Tickets are available at the bookstore on the market square, at the schoningh bookstore on the market square and at the box office from 7 p.M.


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