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Apr 22, 2023

The current status of the energy turnaround was the focus of an information event for mayors and district councils held by climate protection manager felix frost with speakers elmar tell from uz lulsfeld and volker laudien from N-energy. The conclusion of the event is that the district is well positioned in the expansion of renewable energies and has already implemented more than the national average, according to a statement from the district administration office.

The two speakers focused on the expansion of the grid in their respective supply areas, but also noted that the grid is overfed when too much electricity enters the grid. One way to compensate for this, for example, would be a heat storage facility.

The two speakers agreed that there is no way around the expansion of transmission and distribution networks. District administrator tamara bischof, however, called for a fair balance here. Only half of the costs of expanding the network are shared across the country, while the other half is borne by the citizens of the region in which the network is being expanded, according to the statement. In rural areas, therefore, the grid fees rise more sharply, as many renewable energies are built up here. "We need a different set of rules here," says bishop.

At the end of the event, the project coordinator in charge since september, felix frost, gave an outlook on the next steps in the coming months. Work is currently underway with interested municipalities on the subject of municipal energy management – for example, appropriate software is to be sought and, if necessary, procured.

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