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Birth control for pigeons in kitzingen


May 26, 2023
Birth control for pigeons in kitzingen

It works. Harald knott is pleased – and with the pigeon expert, probably just about the whole town. The 50-year-old is getting a grip on the pigeon infestation in kitzingen – and doing it the easy way.

Under the roof of the historic town hall, a special kind of boarding house has opened: accommodation for the pigeons of kitzingen. Within four days it was fully booked. Because: harald knott has from the 8. April, almost 100 pigeons were captured in the city and moved to their new home: comfortable niches with nesting bowls high above the heads of the city council members. Full board included, as well as health checks.

This all-round carefree offer has already had consequences: knott has removed 32 eggs from the "rooms" by the weekend the pigeons out. "They won't get them back either", explains the expert, who acts as a kind of birth controller. "The pairs will then breed a second time. Of the two eggs that most will lay in about ten days, one will be left for them." Knott replaces the other with a plaster egg from which no new pigeon can hatch, even with the best of ventilation. In this way, the number of "cooers" is to be reduced in kitzingen "contractually decimated" for the long term will.

The biggest problem that the many pigeons bring to the city is the droppings of the animals. He is very aggressive and can cause damage to buildings. "Every egg less also means about one kilogram of droppings less", explains knott. Seen in this light, the roofs and bursts of kitzingen have been spared 32 kilograms of pigeon droppings just ten days after the start of the project.

Anna-maria kreb from the city administration, who coordinates the pigeon project, is also pleased that the pigeon relocation and birth control have started so well. "If it goes on like this, we will come to a well-contracted existence."

That is also what harald knott hopes. "So far the plan is working." The captured pigeons have already been joined by five or six others "that's great". Coming in from the pigeons is not a problem. In the other direction however it does not go for the deaf ones at present. The dark poles on the "lookout" are currently currently only open inwards. Knott explains why: the animals first had to get used to their new home. As soon as this is the case – probably in a few weeks – the pigeon loft can be opened completely.

The city hall doves are still rather shy. As soon as a stranger approaches, they coo excitedly and their collective flapping sounds as if a remote-controlled helicopter was taking off. But at the sight of harry knott, the animals quieten down. "They are getting better and better at settling in", the expert who feeds the pigeons every day, keeps an eye on their health and cleans the hutch, notes.

"Please don't chow down"
Knott, who has been known in kitzingen mainly for his love of motorcycles, learned all about pigeon breeding as a child – from his grandpa. He also taught him that it is very bad to feed wild pigeons. This is misunderstood animal love, only exacerbates the excrement problem and is also conducive to the rat infestation. "It is better to give a donation to the city – for the food that is given to the pigeons in care."


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