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Audit office calls for greater savings at the mad


May 11, 2023
audit office calls for greater savings at the mad

The "financial times deutschland" quotes a statement for the bundestag as saying that it is "not clear" why the military counter-intelligence service (MAD) is responsible for countering extremism and terrorism in the bundeswehr and not the office for the protection of the constitution. Government wants to downsize MAD, but rejects radical reform of its missions.

The court of auditors justified its recommendation that the transfer of counter-extremism duties in the armed forces to the office for the protection of the constitution be reviewed on the basis of low case numbers, writes the FTD. According to government figures, between 2007 and 2011 the MAD processed an average of 690 suspicious cases per year – almost all of them with a right-wing extremist background. Of these, an average of 48 per year had proved to be justified – this corresponded to a quota of 0.014 percent of the federal armed forces personnel. Therefore, the government considers the argument that the MAD is closer to the troops and must therefore remain responsible for counter-extremism in the troops to be "negligible".

According to the FTD, the investigators also see a need for corrections in the interaction between the MAD, the foreign intelligence service BND and the military intelligence service of the bundeswehr. The tasks for protecting the troops in the field were "not optimally distributed". This could lead to "unwanted and uneconomical duplicate structures and procedures".

The FDP is pursuing the goal of dissolving the military counterintelligence service in the long term. But the ministry of defense in particular is opposed to a dissolution. The service is supposed to protect the federal armed forces and the defense ministry against "security-threatening or intelligence activities" – i.E. Sabotage, decomposition and espionage. The headquarters of the 1200 employees, the office for the military counterintelligence service, is in colonia. MAD has cost about 70 million euros a year in recent years.


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