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All set for the party


May 31, 2023
All set for the party

Hats off to sebastian dees and tobias kebler, who for many years have been committed to offering children, young people and young-at-heart adults leisure activities and maintaining familiar traditions. This includes, above all, the "minimilk party", which will take place next weekend in the gymnasium.
"Years ago, when events such as beat evenings at festivals began to decline and eventually disappeared altogether, we both took the initiative for our "youth", sebastian dees goes into the background for "minimilk" resp. First "ice on a stick and adds: "at the beginning of october 2008, the two of us sat down together. For us – just 18 resp. 19 years old – it was completely new territory. There was a lot of work to be done, from finding a date and naming the center to setting it up itself. We received support from all sides. Young people joined in immediately, clubs and adults, especially parents, were behind us."
"In two months, we launched the first party – since then always on the first weekend of advent. We put up eleven small posters and distributed some flyers to advertise the DJ night", adds tobias kebler. Since both had already been involved for many years in associations and the youth group "gobmannkeller were fully integrated, many boys and girls spontaneously agreed to work with them. "This is still the case today, when we need 60 helpers. They now identify with minimilk. Yes, even more want to join. We don't have to run after anyone. In 2011 we decided to celebrate on two days", dees praises this generous co-responsibility, which is also confirmed during construction and dismantling.

Donation for the note killers
Sebastian and tobias don't hang their services on the coarse bell. They plan and organize and attribute the success to everyone. They do not spend their money on their own, but use the proceeds to supplement festive equipment, such as bar tables, music equipment and bar. Furthermore they need reserves for further investments and for the next party. So the official organizer is "the ebenhauser youth". "We always arrange a thank-you party for them, last year it was a trip to the "stuttgarter fruhlingsfest", erlautern both. Also, every year a certain part of the profit is donated to the music band of ebenhausen.
The children's carnival was threatened to be cancelled. There, too, in 2009, both initiated the colorful hustle and bustle about the music youth "note killer to maintain. "Tobias takes care of the technical side, I do the animation with dance and games", explains sebastian, who is proud to note that more and more children come to carnival saturday and that their parents are full of praise.
For two years there has been no more old wives' carnival in ebenhausen. "Residents have approached us for this luck. We want to revive this tradition in 2014. Our concept including the place is ready. This one – not the gym – we still keep secret", says kebler. Both are multi-talented and "hans dampf in allen gassen". So they still run a mobile bar as a small business under "seto`s cocktailbar", to enrich family-, club- and company-parties. They are also both members of the theater group "vorhang auf" with, sebastian on the stage and tobias setting up the stage.

The party in the gymnasium starts on friday, 29. November, at 9 pm with the cover rock band "NO SPEECH". On saturday, 30. November, also at 9 p.M. Begins the "cult night" with the dj's majul. For the first 100 guests there is a free minimilk each. If you have the band from the day before, you have to pay one euro less entrance fee.

Sebastian dees learned to be a chimney sweep in schweinfurt after graduating from high school and passed his vocational baccalaureate in dual form in 2009. He recently finished his studies in industrial engineering at the university of applied sciences in schweinfurt. Applications are currently being submitted; he would prefer to work in project management. For years the fubball-player is with TSV. Flugelhorn he plays for 18 years in the brass band and if necessary in the fago band.

Tobias kebler graduated after high school and. M-trained as a specialist in water supply technology at the rhon-maintal group in poppenhausen. Thanks to a great graduation, he received a "qualifying certificate of education" the middle maturity. After the army, he returned to rhon-maintal and is currently training to become a water master. He has been playing trumpet in the brass band for 19 years and in the fago band on request. He is also a youth leader in the volunteer fire department. 


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